How to Best Soundproof your Garage


Garages can be noisy places, if it’s not engines running, or saws and drills being used for a DIY project, perhaps it is the next generation of rockers kicking back and making sweet music (or a bit of a racket!). Either way, soundproofing your garage is really great way to keep unwanted noise at bay for both you and your neighbours. Gone are the days of saving up thousands of egg boxes to stick on the walls; here you’ll find some great tips to help you get started:

The Walls

Acoustic foam sound treatment tiles & panels are a great way to soundproof your garage and they come in a wide ranges of styles and sizes and are easy to install. Be sure to look out for fire retardant versions too. If you’re looking for a more discrete solution, you may want to create an internal secondary wall surface using acoustic plasterboard. This is attached to a frame made of timber, which houses acoustic mineral wool for a double layer of proofing. Alternatively, there are a number of soundproof specific products designed for just the job, such as Maxiboard. It is important to remember that windows and doors will always be weak points, so the best solution would be to brick up any windows or doors that you don’t need to use and apply your choice of soundproofing over the top.

The Garage Door

Regardless how you use your garage, you still want to be able to use the main garage door. Older garage doors are generally not insulated and as such can be a big escape route for sound. Updating your garage door with an insulated style will not only help with soundproofing the garage, but you’ll find you have created a much more comfortable place to work or play, especially during the winter months. If you’re looking for a new insulated garage door, take a look at our great range of garage doors here.

The Floor 

Most garage floors are made from concrete, which offer little to no soundproofing or insulation. A quick fix would be to to cover the floor in rugs or old carpet which can be easily rolled up and moved out of the way, should you need to do some dirtier work in the garage. However, if you’re looking for a more permanent solution, there are a number of solutions on the market, including soundproofing rubber sheeting and tiles. All of these are easy to lay and designed specifically for soundproofing and insulation.

In much the same way as the walls, there are a number of different options for soundproofing the ceiling, however working at height and with heavy materials can be very difficult, and potentially dangerous. If you’re using a ladder you should always work as a pair with someone holding the ladder while you work. You may find the lighter options, such as the foam tiles will do a good enough job. If you’re thinking of replacing the roof, take a look at our guide here to ensure you choose the best style for your soundproofing and insulation needs.

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