Up and Over Garage Doors

Up and Over Garage Doors

A one piece up and over garage door is probably the most familiar type of door. They come in a huge range of sizes, styles and colours and can be standard or bespoke, with windows, different handles, and various finishes! They are easy to use and offer great security which can have additional locking bars added for a small extra charge.

The canopy door

This literally protrudes from the garage to form a canopy! A garage canopy door has an overhead spring and a cabling system. It is generally not ideal for automation, but offers a good robust running gear that with a little lubrication will last for years!

The retractable door

Fits neatly back into the garage and is ideal for automation. It has side springs and horizontal tracks which allow for smooth running. For a small additional charge doors up to 7’6” wide can have an alternative set of arms to maximise the drive through width at wing mirror height.

Both of these garage doors can have a steel frame which is far superior to the old fashioned timber frame! These will inevitably deteriorate and require ongoing maintenance! The door and frame are delivered as one part and have superb weather stripping to minimise the leverage points!

We offer a range of additional weather proofing options which work well with up and over doors as well as additional security features to suit all doors.

Garage Door Materials And Colours

Up and over garage doors, whether canopy or retractable come in a number of materials together with a vast array of styles and colours!

Steel Doors:

Timeless in appearance and are galvanised with either a primer ready for the colour of your choice or polyester powder coated finish in white or 19 colour choices! We can now do any colour in the RAL chart so you are guaranteed of finding a colour to suit your property, whether heritage or contemporary! This coating will protect against adverse weather conditions and corrosion, maintaining the long term beauty to enhance any home!

Timber Doors:

Offer a style to suit any architecture, be it traditional or modern! Factory finishes are available but all doors come with the dip immersion coat which gives temporary protection, for onsite finishing. Natural wood adds warmth and character to enhance any home whilst offering natural durability and sound absorption! We even offer a chassis for your own timber to be fitted directly into so that you can design your own door! Timber garage doors are offered in solid cedar or cedar with an exterior quality plywood for excellent value for money.

GRP Doors (glass reinforced polyester):

Ideal as a low maintenance door and whether high gloss white or timber finish there is style and colour to suit every house! The doors are made as an infill and then fitted onto a robust steel chassis to give a rigid finish which will not warp. If you wish the door can be smoothed on the inside to reduce the translucency!

PVC Doors:

Offered by a number of manufacturers and the low gloss white finish matched windows and front doors perfectly! The doors are impact resistant so are a great choice for a family!

Each of the above can have wonderful window options for individuality and style and other optional extras include handle choices and additional locking!

Here at Garage Doors 4 you, we offer a superb range of electric garage door openers, from the budget chain drive motor to the sophisticated belt driven motors! Handsets can be coordinated with the colour of your car and exterior digital entry systems mean you can decide who to give access to without the need for a handset!

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