Why Is It Good To Store A Car In A Garage?

It’s most common to see people parking their cars on the space in front of their homes, even if they have a garage to park it in. The reason is usually convenience: we like to just get out of the car and walk straight into the home without having to unlock and open the garage
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Is It Time To Give Your Garage A Post-Christmas Clear Out?

Garages are the ideal place to store a myriad of belongings. They’re large and spacious, attached to the home but whatever is placed there is out of sight, thus out of mind. Garages can hold tools, Christmas decorations, old items of furniture you no longer need and even gym equipment.  Now that the Christmas season
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How to protect wooden garage doors in all seasons

When you’ve installed your beautiful wooden garage doors, then next step you need to take is protecting them from the elements. After all, there’s no use making such a large investment only to have to buy new doors in five years.  Here are some great ways to protect your wooden garage doors in all seasons.
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The process of fitting an up and over garage door

If you’ve just moved into a new property and the garage door needs replacing, it might seem like a daunting task. But, it doesn’t have to be. Installing an up and over garage door can be a relatively straightforward task for those with basic to intermediate DIY tools and skills. To ensure the finished product
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The difference between a garage and a carport

Whether you’re thinking about decluttering your garage to make room for your car or looking for space-saving alternatives, you may be considering a carport to provide protection for your car. But, before you race off to get yourself a brand new carport, it’s important to know the differences between a carport and a garage to
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Do garages need planning permission?

There’s nothing more exciting than home renovations and improvements – particularly if you’re building something new or making something bigger! A garage, whether building a brand new one for your home, or even expanding an existing one, can open up a world of opportunities. Think free parking, storage space or a converted living space for
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Tidying and Organising Your Garage

With spring comes the spring cleaning! One place traditionally reserved for junk is the garage. However, with so many people working from home, many people are repurposing their garages as temporary workspaces. Through all the rubbish we throw in our garages, tidying can be as simple as throwing away what you don’t need, and putting
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How to Turn your Garage into a Perfect Work from Home Space

With almost everyone working from home these days, it’s come as quite a sudden and dramatic shock to many people used to working in offices. Where we’re used to the office chatter, now there are crickets (or screaming kids). But it’s worth doing everything possible to maintain an efficient work-life balance. A great way to
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Benefits of a Remote Controlled Garage Door

Woman hand inside the car, driver using remote control to open the automatic gate while leaving home, security system and save time concept

Automating household appliances is becoming increasingly popular. Not just for the novelty of having your fridge play music or have your coffee machine turn on at certain times (though the novelty can be fun), this automation is actually improving lives. Remote controlled garage doors are something that people are seeking more frequently for their many
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3 Uses for your Second Garage

A second garage is often built with the intention of getting more space for cars. But now people are more frequently investing in 2-car garages as well as garage doors that are two cars wide. So what do you do with the space in your other garage? One option would be to fill it with
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