Roller Shutter Garage Doors

Roller Shutter Garage Doors

Roller shutter doors in Kent are a popular option, especially with home and business owners that want a space saving solution that looks sleek and attractive. If you are struggling to choose the best style of UK garage doors, then take a look at the information below to learn why high-quality roller shutter doors are the best choice! 

As with the sectional doors, rollers lift vertically giving maximum width and space on the drive, ideal for those with limited parking!

An insulated roller door will be made of either 75mm or 55mm laths which roll up into a maximum of 300mm at the top of the opening! Most rollers are automated coming with 2 handsets and a control board which offers an additional button to enable the opening of the door from inside the garage.

Roller door finishes

Roller doors are available in 3 finishes, a standard range offering 6 colours, a superior range offering 15 colours and a laminated range offering 16 woodgrain finish options to ensure that any front door or window colour can be matched! These laminated finishes carry the 10year Renolit warranty! In addition 4 smooth woodgrain finishes are available for the budget conscious, without compromising on the quality!

Why Roller Shutter Doors in Kent Are the Right Choice

There are a range of different types of garage doors to choose from these days, but roller shutter doors are one of the best. Take a look at some of the key benefits you can enjoy when you invest in them:

  •         Space Making Solution – roller garage doors lift up vertically which is not only space saving but is great when you only have limited space to access your garage doors.
  •         Insulation Made Simple – if you need an insulated garage door then rollers are a great choice as they do not have any gaps that let the cold or hot air in and they sit well in place for a sealed finish.
  •         Automated Access – as roller doors are a more modern type of garage door, they tend to come with automated access so that you can open and close them with a touch of a button from the comfort of your car.
  •         Designed for You – when it comes to getting a garage that you love, roller doors come in a range of 15 different colours and 16 woodgrain finishes and either 75mm or 55mm laths to allow you to personalise your installation.
  •         Sleek Finish – as the roller doors open and close in a uniform fashion, they create a sleek and clean finish that looks great by your property.
  •         Range of Accessories – when you’ve chosen your doors, you can then pick from a range of accessories to get the finished look your want.
  •         Safety First – in addition to accessing the best Medway garage doors, you can also feel safe in the knowledge that they come with the full CE mark of compliance.
  •         Simple Repairs – should you have any issues with your new roller garage door, the Garage Doors 4 You team will be able to offer a full repair service too!
  •         Range of Manufactures – when it comes to picking the perfect garage door, you can be certain that we have access to a wide range of manufacturers for the best choice of doors.


A range or accessories come with roller doors, such as digital entry systems, vision panels and full boxes to enclose the whole rolling mechanism if required! The remote control kit offers a full 5 year manufacturers’ warranty and alarm as standard making it stand out from the crowd!

As with all the doors we supply, the rollers are fully CE marked and compliant with regulations! We have full working roller doors in our showroom for your convenience!

Our roller doors are manufactured to a very high standard as it is most important that they conform to the necessary industry requirements to meet regulations. Please be assured that all products sold by Garage Door Associates you meet all CE marking requirements!

Where to Buy Garage Doors in Kent

When you are ready to invest in roller shutter doors in Kent, Garage Doors 4 You are the best choice. We are UK garage door specialists with a wide range of experience and a huge range of roller shutter doors UK. When you choose us, you will have access to a team of professionals who will work hard to understand your needs so that you get the right solution. Ready to use the best garage door installer in Kent? Get in touch with us today or call the number below to get started!

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