Should I Insure My Garage?

Two blue garage doors set in a building covered in yellow ivy leaves

Cars, motorbikes, bicycles, tools, sports equipment; your garage stores some of your most prized possessions, and the combined value of these items can add up to many thousands of pounds. Looking at it this way, it becomes increasingly important to have the most appropriate insurance coverage for your needs. Let us guide you through how you can improve the security and safety of your garage.           

Protecting against the elements

Unexpected disasters like fires, floods and storms can not only ruin the items inside your garage but cause structural damage to the building itself. This is why it is important to have not just contents insurance but buildings insurance as well, which covers your house and your garage as long as they are on the same plot of land.

Not just your typical garage

Many people use their garage not just as a space to store their vehicle but an area to repair their expensive machinery, making it a home to many expensive tools. Furthermore, garages are increasingly being converted to be used as other means besides a storage space, for example as a home office or a play area for children, or even as an extra bedroom. This brings with it additional items such as computers and furniture that may not previously be covered.    

Your garage may already be insured under your home contents insurance, which you may think is enough protection. However, you might be surprised by just how low the maximum limit for theft is and that it does not cover your most prized possession.

Extra safety steps

As garages are typically easier to break into than houses, it is recommended that those valuable items that can be kept in the house like golf clubs, should be kept in the house. What’s more, those tools that are kept in the garage may then be used to break into your home.

If you have an alarm system on your home we recommend you extend this to your garage as well, or alternatively buy a separate battery or electrically operated alarm to install on your garage.

We also recommend that larger items in your garage such as bicycles and lawnmowers are padlocked, in addition to adding more secure locks to your garage door. Installing motion sensitive lighting will also help deter any potential thieves.

If you store items in a garage that is not part of your house, it is important to check with your insurer to see if you are covered, as you may need to take out specialist cover for this.   

The security of your garage is often overlooked compared to your house, so we hope that this has been an eye-opener and that you will consider taking these extra measures to help keep your garage safe and secure.

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