What Type of Roofing is Best for Your Garage?

Triple garage with large tiled roof

Whether you’re looking to replace your existing garage roof or are building a completely new garage, we have a few ideas on the best ways to roof your garage, making sure to keep it secure and watertight.

There are many different types of garage styles which will help determine the type of roof you should have, and with a range of materials to choose from, you will want to think about which will be the most economical and long lasting.

It is possible to roof your garage yourself if you have the right tools, equipment and know how, but we would strongly suggest calling in the professionals, so you can have the best finish possible.

It is important to think about what you’ll be using your garage for and what you’ll be storing in there too. If you plan on storing items such as paints, oils and fuels then you should consider a non-flammable roof. If you’ll be storing items that can be damaged from moisture then a long lasting, durable roof will be better suited for you.

Metal roofing

Metal roofing has been used for many years for garage roofs, especially as it is more economical. But in recent decades the use of it subsided, until now! There has been a steady rise in people installing metal roofs on their garage once more. Why? Well, times have moved on so you no longer have to have just one sheet of metal. You can become creative with how you want to lay down your metal roof and even make this material look as though it is a tile format.

This type of roof will provide you with a fire resistant and durable roof at a minimal cost.

Felt roofing

Probably one of the most popular flat roof options is felt, especially torched on felt, which not only helps to keep your garage watertight but can look great and is safe too.

It can withstand windy and wet conditions but the longevity of this type of roof is limited. It will need looking after, such as re-tarring every few years to keep it watertight.


Whether you have a pitched or flat roof, tiles can be an excellent way of roofing your garage. Not only will they look stylish and come in a range of designs and styles, they will also keep your garage secure and will be long lasting too. They’ll be no need to regularly maintain it either, unlike felt roofing. Life expectancy of roof tiles vary, depending on the material used, but generally as a rule of thumb they should last sixty or so years.


If you are attaching your garage to your house, or is currently attached, to help boost curb appeal, match your roof choice to your house, to create a flowing design that will not only help make your garage look smart but will appeal to prospective buyers too.

No matter what style of roof you have on your garage, you’ll need a gutter so it can catch the rain and stop it from running down the side of the building and causing damage, which includes promoting damp, and can cause big problems that are easily kept at bay.

It is always a good idea to inspect your garage and its roof for signs of damage, and if there is a problem, then the quicker you get to sort it out the better, and less trouble it will cause.


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