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Hörmann is one of the leading garage door providers in Europe, with over 40 years of service in the industry. By incorporating a range of styles and technology, Hörmann has managed to stay at the forefront of the garage doors industry and continues to provide improved options for homeowners.

Hormann Garage Doors LogoOver 15 million Hörmann garage doors have been produced by the Hörmann Group and shipped to locations all over the world. In order to give more power to homeowners, Hörmann have produced a wide variety of garage door options including: sectional garage doors, up and over garage doors, roller garage door RollMatic and Side Sliding sectional doors.

Hörmann offer uncompromising levels of quality and design, with continuous developments to their products to make sure that not only do they provide the best service for customers, but they reach the company’s high aspirations of environmental consciousness.

Hörmann garage doors are not only suitable for domestic properties; fire and smoke-tight doors, canopies and high speed doors make them well suited to a number of commercial garages as well. Hörmann garage doors are assembled at a factory in Leicestershire, using components sources from the UK, as well as throughout Europe.

One of Hörmann’s most popular designs is the Hörmann sectional garage door. This high end product represents superb engineering and offers a number of customisation options.

Whether you are looking to extend your garage space, increase security or provide heightened ease of access, Hörmann garage doors can help transform your garage.

We proudly supply a range of Hörmann garage doors, including a number of the extensive varieties which Hörmann are known for. When you buy Hörmann products you can be sure of fantastic quality and cutting edge design.

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