Cardale Garage Doors

Cardale have over 50 years experience in the garage door industry, providing the British market with some of the most innovative designs around.

During their years as a company, Cardale has introduced a number of firsts in the garage door market, not least the introduction of the ‘panel door’ concept – which has since become one of the most popular designs.

Cardale Garage Doors LogoCardale has continuously expanded and developed its collection, continuing to improve upon the operating mechanisms and installing new features to improve the ease and use of all of the doors. The range now includes many different styles of garage door, including: up & over, side hinged, sectional, roller and personnel.

Cardale also uses high quality timber in the production of a number of its garage doors, which helps to infuse many of its products with a unique character. As well as timber, Cardale garage doors are manufactured using steel and aluminum, as well as being the first company to use ABS doors which remains unique to this day.

All Cardale garage doors and spares come with a minimum 2 year manufacturers guarantee, which means that the quality is assured – as is your lasting satisfaction with the product. Garage Door Associates provide fast and efficient Cardale garage door installation, as well as the spare parts you will need in the unlikely event of any problems with the device.

Cardale is an environmentally conscious company which strives to reduce its carbon footprint. They do this by sourcing timber from reliable sources, using energy efficient vehicles and making environmentally-friendly savings wherever possible.

Garage Door Associates are proud to be one of the selected Cardale garage door distributors, stocking a range of their highest quality products for installation in locations throughout the country. If you are looking to purchase one of our range of Cardale garage doors or Cardale garage door spares, then contact us today.

Take a look at full Cardale garage doors range, including style, finish and colours in the Cardale Brochure here.


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