How To Keep Your Garage Cool For Summer

Any enclosed space without ventilation can become like a furnace in the summer. Garages are a prime example of this.

This can be bad if you store anything perishable in your garage, or if you use the garage for recreational space. Even if you only use your garage to store your car, it’s still not nice having to get into a roasting hot car that’s so stuffy inside it feels like you can’t breathe.

If you’re reading this, you probably know what we’re talking about.

We’re Garage Door Associates, garage door specialists with over 35 years’ experience, and we’re here with some handy tips to help keep your garage cool for summer.

Here are some of the main reasons why your garage may be getting too hot:

  •   Poor insulation
  •   No air conditioning
  •   Bad ventilation
  •   Poor airflow
  •   Hot cars acting like heaters
  •   Wrong colours for outer paint

Poor insulation

As garage door specialists who have been dealing with not just doors but with everything to do with garages for over 35 years, poor garage insulation is something we hear about the most when it comes to both cooling and heating garages.

You might only think about insulation for keeping your garage warm, but it’s a two-way system: insulation stops hot air from escaping, but it also stops hot air from entering. That’s why you should think about adding or improving the insulation in your garage’s walls, ceiling, and doors. 

The first thing you can do is check if there are holes, especially in the door. Take it from us, garage door maintenance is important. As experts with garage door repairs, we can easily help you with this here.

 Start thinking about summer insulation for garages now.

Bad ventilation

If you’ve got no way of removing the hot air from your garage, we’d call that bad ventilation.

You can have either passive or active ventilation. Passive ventilation means there’s no energy consumption involved in the fan-driven ventilation system. Active ventilation means there is no energy consumption as it’s electrically powered. As you can guess, passive ventilation is cheaper, but active is more efficient.

Poor airflow

You might not have thought of this one. Poor airflow is all about how much clutter you have in your garage, which means heat gets trapped.

Simple fix: rearrange your layout or have a clear out, along with some general summer garage maintenance.

Hot cars acting like heaters

This is another one you might not have thought of – your hot car engine will act like a heater in your garage if it’s an enclosed space.

 There’s only one real solution for this (while we wait for a technological solution), and that’s to leave your car outside for half an hour to cool down before putting it in your garage.

Wrong colours for outer paint

 Choose lighter colours for the outer walls and door of your garage, and you should find that more heat is reflected away to keep things cooler inside.

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