Benefits of Insulating Your Garage

A person using a spray gun to clean old, garage doors.

Nobody wants to part with money unnecessarily, which is why homeowners ponder the need to insulate their garages. For most people in most circumstances, spending a little on garage door insulation is worthwhile. 

Below we have some of the best reasons to insulate your garage, but first, you may need to know more about garage insulation.

Garage Insulation in a Nutshell

Garage insulation provides an airtight barrier that prevents cold air seeping through the garage door, the garage roof and the walls. Some homeowners insulate all these areas and they get insulated at the time of building the house. The airtight barrier is also used to prevent hot air escaping. Both functions of garage insulation are key to understand the different benefits of it.

There are different ways you can insulate a garage. Icynene spray foam insulation is one option, but others may choose weather seal or more traditional materials. It may be that your garage insulation needs upgrading over time.

Reasons to Insulate Your Garage

Here are the top reasons to consider insulation for your garage…

#1 – Lower Energy Bills!

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The most obvious one that springs to mind is lower energy bills. This is true if your garage is joined to your house by a wall, a door or both. If you put all your efforts into keeping the main living spaces warm and energy-efficient, then don’t forget about your garage too!

#2 – Uncompromised Aesthetics

Modern methods of insulating a garage do not look unsightly and in many cases go unnoticed. Achieving a functional insulated garage does not require you to compromise on those awesome aesthetics and finishing touches. 

#3 – Sound Barrier

Insulation around the home has a secondary function of acting as somewhat of a sound barrier. This soundproofing quality is extended to insulation used within a garage. This can be beneficial if you operate tools and machinery inside your garage and don’t want to disturb others.

#4 – Air Pollution

Air pollution is on the radar of top doctors and world health officials. It can harm our organs and has been labeled as an invisible public emergency to human health. It may be a communal problem, but insulation is one way of blocking these airborne pollutants when inside your home.

#5 – Optimum Parking Temperatures

If you want an extra lie-in before work on a winter’s morning, you may benefit from garage insulation even more. An insulated garage is less likely to cause your vehicle’s windows to frost over on those extra cold mornings.

A person cleaning the windshield of a car using a snow brush, ensuring clear visibility for a safe drive.

Choose Garage Insulation Experts

All of the benefits of insulating your garage only come when you insulate your garage the right way. Insulating it yourself can reduce the performance and longevity of the material. Instead, leave the responsibility to trusted insulation experts like us. We’re not just about shiny new garage doors and – get in touch to find out more!

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