Why Choosing The Right Colour Garage Door Is So Important

The colour of one’s garage door is often something that is overlooked when considering garage doors in Kent. But the colour of your garage door can actually have a big impact on the rest of your home, mainly aesthetically. 

Choosing the right colour when purchasing a new garage door is definitely worth some thought if you want to add value to your property or you plan on matching a garage door to your home. 

Why Does Colour Matter?

Choosing the right colour when you buy garage doors can really impact how the exterior of your garage and property will look and be perceived. The colour of a garage door can easily increase the curb appeal of your property just as easily as it can decrease the curb appel of your property.

Many people try matching a garage door to a colour that suits their property and makes the property as a whole look modern and sleek.

What Types Of Garage Door Colours Are There To Choose From?

There are a plethora of garage door colours to choose from, and ultimately, you can select any kind of colour you like for your garage door. However, there are a few common colours to choose from. 

Traditional Colours – Traditional coloured garage doors really help your garage to blend in with the rest of the property. Offering tones of brown, graphite, charcoal and even black, traditional colours help to instil a traditional sense of modernity. These colours can easily match windowsills or other doors on the property. 

Rich Colours – Richly toned colours consist of colours that pop, such as blues, greens and reds. Choosing these colours for your garage door helps bring your property to life and will make it stand out. Whilst these colours stand out, they generally also help to blend into the many colours we see around us in nature. 

Heritage Colours – subdued tones with an earthy theme. These colours of greens, light grey, and off-white give your garage a minimalistic and understated appearance while complementing the hues of the skies and the ocean. These hues create the impression that you are in a tranquil, rural retreat, making them perfect for classic cottages and historic residences. 

Instead of presenting a stark contrast with the remaining portion of your structure, gentler greys and off whites can get the same lightening and crisp impact as white, enabling your garage door to fade in with its surrounding setting. Heritage colours are particularly ideal for garages near the shore since they frequently exude coastal undertones.

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