Summer Maintenance Tips For Your Garage Doors

Summer – it’s the time for cleaning, maintenance, and odd jobs around the house. It’s also a great time to tackle your garages and garage doors as well, especially when considering your garage door could be playing a part in the cooling of your garage’s temperature.

Here at Garage Door Associates, we’ve got over 35 years’ experience with garage door manufacturing, installation, garage door repairs, and garage door maintenance. We really enjoy imparting the knowledge we’ve built up over this time to help our customers to get the best out of their garage doors. 

Here are our main tips for your summer garage door maintenance:

  •   Cleaning
  •   Maintaining
  •   Servicing
  •   Painting

Cleaning Your Garage Door

It’s the most obvious one, but cleaning will help keep your garage door looking attractive and remaining functional. 

For wooden doors, use a little bit of soap in lukewarm water with a non-abrasive cloth. Remember to clean the inside of the door and not just the outside, too.

For metal doors, get a mild cleaner detergent and dilute in the amount of water appropriate to the size of your garage door. You can spot clean with bleach for tough marks. A sponge is the best tool of choice.

Remember to rinse when you’re finished for both wooden and metal doors.

Garage Door Maintenance

For wooden doors, you’ll want to periodically (once a year at the very least) treat your wood with oil, paint, or varnish to reduce the chance of splitting. Summer is a good time to do this as there’s less chance (hopefully) of rain.

For metal doors, you’ll also need to touch up the paint every now and again.


You should regularly (not just in summer) inspect your garage door to check the quality of its parts, such as rollers and roller tracks.

 For wooden doors, filling up splits with wood filler is a big part of servicing. This will vastly improve the longevity of the wood, not to mention keeping it looking attractive too.

The lubrication of garage door moving parts is always important. Again, this shouldn’t be just done in the summer, even though summer is a good time to do it. Try to do it every two months, using lubrication oil or WD-40.

For serious repairs, you probably won’t know what to do. That’s where we come in. We’ve got over 35 years of experience of making sure your garage doors are fully functioning.


We’ve touched on painting as a maintenance issue, but choosing lighter colours for your garage doors can also play a big part in reflecting heat and keeping your garage cool in summer.

 Other types of doors

 We’ve focused on the two most common materials for garage doors – metal and wood. But we fully understand there are other materials too, like the ones you’ll find here.

The reason we’ve focused on metal and wood is because the other types, for example ABS plastic, require almost no maintenance.

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