Is It Time To Give Your Garage A Post-Christmas Clear Out?

Garages are the ideal place to store a myriad of belongings. They’re large and spacious, attached to the home but whatever is placed there is out of sight, thus out of mind. Garages can hold tools, Christmas decorations, old items of furniture you no longer need and even gym equipment. 

Now that the Christmas season has passed and your decorations are all boxed up ready to disappear for another year, why not take the opportunity to spend a weekend with the family clearing out your garage and breathing new life into it? There are countless reasons why you should consider taking the time at least once per year to make sure your garage space is in order.

Firstly, it will help to prevent the build-up of damp. When you have a cold, moist and dark closed up space there is a high likelihood that mould can start to grow in such conditions. It mostly affects soft furnishings stored in the garage, however if left unchecked it can grow on walls, wood and other items, compromising your health every time you walk in there. 

Open up the garage door for a few hours to ensure the garage area gets properly ventilated. Special sprays can be used if you notice any areas which are becoming blackened to stop mould in its tracks and prevent the spread.

You will also find you’ll have more effective storage solutions after a clear out. A lot of people will have a garage space that is huge, however the potential is not being realised as everything is scattered around and not in its proper place. Once you have cleared everything out, reorganise your shelving units or buy new ones that can house everything up against the walls to leave the central area clear for your car. 

The best way to see what available space there is in your garage is to wait for a day when rain is not expected and remove everything from the garage so you can see what you’re dealing with. This will also present the ideal opportunity to assess the walls and garage door, maybe give them a clean with bleach or even put a new coat of paint to freshen the area up. 

When you put items together in one place you will quickly find that space is freed up and you can store a lot more than you first thought. If you have items you no longer use, then now is an ideal time to take it to the skip, have a garage sale or put it on a local bidding site. Use the money generated to invest in some shelving units, sturdy metal ones are the best but you can also find great quality wooden shelves that can be fitted directly to the walls. 

If you have had a clear out of your garage and are now looking to add the finishing touch by keeping everything safe with a quality garage door, then speak to us today to find out how we can help.

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