The Garage Storage Solutions You Need To Know About!

There are some really common issues and objections when it comes to organising spaces such as garages. It is all too easy for this space to become a bit of a dumping ground, somewhere to store all the things we don’t know what to do with! Garages can often also be tricky to navigate, or an awkward length or shape, which can make keeping them organised all the more tough. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple one size fits all solution when it comes to organising your garage space. However, there are a number of really great storage solutions out there that might be just the thing you need to help you maximise your garage space! Whatever you use your garage for, these tips should help you out.

Use all the space

It can be all too easy to fill up your floor space with bulky items, so it’s important that, when it comes to garage storage, you utilise all the space you have available. The good thing about garages is that they usually have a lot of underutilised wall space and vertical space. There are so many great storage options out there when it comes to wall space, from vertical shelving systems to wall mounted racks and shelves.

Getting bulky items such as ladders, lawnmowers, and power tools off the ground and up onto higher shelving will help you to reclaim your floor space. This will not only make the garage feel less cluttered and give you room to move and work in there, but will ensure that they are easily accessible, as they won’t be buried under lots of other items.

Another often forgotten or under-utilised way of saving space is to add corner shelves to those awkward spaces in your garage that don’t seem to quite fit anything else. You can easily house small items and miscellaneous ‘bits and bobs’ on these shelves, even organising them with small plastic tubs or boxes to keep things neat and tidy.

Create ‘tool kits’

If you use your garage to house all manner of items, it can really help to organise different sections of the space into ‘zones’. Within those you can then really get to grips with your storage solutions. One good option here is to use specific shelving units or storage types for different items. Housing things in plastic storage boxes, which are neatly labeled, will help everybody know where things are kept, which will in turn help you keep your space nice and tidy! 

With this in mind, it can also be a really great idea to create ‘tool kits’ for easy and quick access. Whether it’s a gardening kit, sports equipment, or specific items such as things for painting and decorating, creating specific storage bags or boxes with a complete set of items in will really help to keep things organised.

Use a pegboard for small items

This is a common idea, but installing a pegboard in your garage is a really great way to keep things organised. Simply mount a pegboard to your wall, add hooks, and you’re ready to go! Use it for things like paint brushes, hand tools – anything small that you need to find a home for.

Add outdoor storage

Sometimes the best solution for garage chaos is simply to add additional space elsewhere. If you’re lucky enough to have a good amount of outdoor space, then creating a small locker or shed which holds specific items that would otherwise be taking up space in your garage is a really good option.

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