How to Expertly Create Space & Organise your Garage

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Your garage can quickly go from a tidy space to somewhere you dump items you no longer want inside the house. Fortunately, restoring your garage back to its orderly self is a battle that is easily won with a little effort. By getting rid of things you no longer need and sorting your storage systems, you will always be able to find what you are looking for. Organising your garage doesn’t need to be a chore, with these simple steps you’ll have your garage back to its full potential in no time at all!     

Decide on its function

First, decide what is the main function of your garage. Will it be used to house your car, motorcycle and bikes, or are you planning to use it for something more unconventional like a gym or a home office? Once this is clearly defined, you can organise it for these functions and optimise its use. Spaces can be allocated for each category of objects where everything has its own section.

Tactical storage

The placement of objects in the garage is often overlooked. If you ride your bike every day, you don’t want to have to manoeuvre past several items before you ride it. By storing those items you most use closer to the entrance to your garage, you prevent having to awkwardly move items in and out and possibly damaging valuables in the process. This also goes for garages that have doors attached to their homes – you’ll want to keep household items closer to the door.

Get creative

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Before you throw out those spare pieces of construction material you may have lying about, check if these can be modified for storage use. For example, crates can be used to store shoes and other outdoor gear, a pallet can be used to keep sporting goods together, wall hooks can be used to attach bicycles one above the other, and sliced plastic tubes can be used to hold shovels and rakes in place.   

Use every bit of space  

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Slat or pegboards walls are a cheap and easy way to organise your tools and create more space at the same time. You can use these to group together similar tools; one section for gardening implements, one section for car tools. This makes it both easier to find items as they are all in the same area and on display, while also making it less likely for them to go missing.

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By following these easy steps, you’ll find that using your garage will become a far more pleasant experience. Work becomes quicker to carry out, items are easier to find and your storage space is utilised to its full extent.

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