Why Is It Good To Store A Car In A Garage?

It’s most common to see people parking their cars on the space in front of their homes, even if they have a garage to park it in. The reason is usually convenience: we like to just get out of the car and walk straight into the home without having to unlock and open the garage door, especially if we have shopping to unpack or small children to organise. 

Another reason is that garages tend to be multipurpose spaces, filled with things we want out of the way in the home, or even used as a gym space. But did you know there are a host of benefits to keeping your car tucked up properly in the garage? Here we’ll take a look at some of the top reasons to store your car in the garage. 

To protect it from the weather

Whether it’s rain, sleet, snow, hail or sunshine, all of these have a negative effect on the paintwork of your car and the interior parts too. The coating of your car is susceptible to dirt, debris and acids, so leaving your car exposed is guaranteed to accelerate the development of rust. Whether it’s extreme heat or at the opposite end of the spectrum, sheer cold, both will cause a car’s condition to deteriorate over time. 

To stop thieves having easy access

It’s an obvious fact that a car sat on the driveway is much more appealing to a thief than a car safely tucked away in a garage behind a secure garage door that is not easily penetrable. If the garage door is shut it’s not even known that your car is there. A quick smash and grab by car thieves is not possible when your car is hidden in this way. 

To lower your insurance

It’s a little known fact that keeping your car in a garage may actually lower your insurance with some companies. When you renew your insurance you will be asked questions about where you store your car during the day and night time. Insurance companies will often give suitable discounts when they see you are taking steps to protect your car rather than leaving it on an unlit street all night long. 

How to prepare your garage for storing your car?

Most garages are filled with clutter, everything from the Christmas decorations to old pots of paint, so making sure that you have enough storage at the sides or back of your garage, or even in a shed, is the number one priority. Measure your car and see how much space you will actually need either side to open the doors comfortably, and if you have a taller vehicle don’t forget to measure the height. 

If your garage does not have any lighting, then consider running some electricity to it so you can always see what you’re doing, even at night. To keep everything as safe as possible, consider a new garage door, manual roller or automatic, so you can rest easy knowing your car and other belongings cannot be accessed easily. 

If you would like more information on the best garage door for your needs, then get in touch with us today and we will be more than happy to point you in the right direction with our extensive range of quality garage doors.

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