Top 10 Tools your Garage Needs

A man tightening the bolts on his tyres using a torque wrench.

Unfortunately, things break and maintenance is a fact of life. To keep you prepared for those unexpected jobs that need attention quickly, you should always keep these ten useful tools in your garage.

A Socket Set

Everyone needs to own a high-quality socket set to help with repair jobs. A larger set will keep you well equipped for whatever tasks come your way. Make sure your set includes speed wrenches and swivel-head adaptors!


Don’t just keep screwdrivers in your garage – but keep screwdrivers with different heads to cover all bases. That includes ball-head, star-head and Allen-head screwdrivers.

A set of eight screwdrivers neatly arranged on a wooden surface.


A Powerful Torch

There are lots of uses for a powerful torch. From engine maintenance to power cuts, no household is fully prepared without one.

A Vice

If you do DIY and you already own a workbench then you must have a vice. A vice will help you keep your materials stable as you get to work. It’s the extra pair of hands you need for different jobs.

A workbench with a vice and other tools around the surface.

Power Tools

We could have listed ten power tools – that’s how important they are. However, we will save you the spiel and remind you that all power tools are indispensable for any homeowner or DIY enthusiast. 

Battery Jump Machine 

Did you abandon your car this winter or were away on business for a month? Whatever the reason for your drained battery, you always need a battery jump box on standby to help you overcome these unexpected situations. 


If you own a garage you are likely to own a car. If you own a car you will need a car jack or four. Buy floor jacks and don’t forget their stands!

Fire Extinguisher

Although not necessarily a tool, every garage should have a fire extinguisher in case of emergencies when working on a vehicle or for when it’s barbeque time.

Air Compressor

An air compressor is not just for making sure your car tyres are at the optimum pressure. They can be utilised for other tasks such as cleaning and drying. These tools lead to many possibilities – and you should keep one in your garage.

A man operating an air compressor while holding the hose for a specific task.

Torque Wrench

Last but not least is a torque wrench. These are a staple of a garage because so many DIY and garage tasks require you to fasten nuts and bolts securely. Equip yourself with one soon if you don’t already have one.

Keep Your Garage Tools Safe!

These tools will have you covered for all types of small and bigger jobs in and around the home. Yet, having them stored in one place is a security risk and is why you need to keep them safe. Make sure your garage is guarded against break-ins and potential theft by repairing broken garage doors. A broken door may invalidate your insurance and leave you out of pocket!

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