10 Must-Have Tools for your Garage

No garage would be complete without a host of tools; ready for you to tackle any DIY project in the house, on the car, or in the garden. Need to restock your toolkit, or not sure where to begin when it comes to your tool shopping list? We’ve put together a guide detailing the top 10 tools to have in your garage, suitable for most tasks you may come across.

1.Claw Hammer

A tool that is needed in every household and garage across the world. Useful for helping in the process of hanging decorative furnishings, such as pictures, or for pulling nails out of walls. Also great for splitting wood, tearing down drywalls, beating dents out of sheets of metal and building furniture!

2. Drill

Quite possibly the most important tool to have in the garage, a drill can be used not only in the house, but also in the garden, for putting fencing up, or for use in the garage. One use is to hang curtain poles or storage systems; you’re going to need to drill into the wall so you can add in wall plugs, which is used so the screws can hold the weight of the object in the wall securely.

3. Selection of screwdrivers

There is nothing more frustrating than not having the right screwdriver for the screw in question. There are many different types of screws that are available for use, and not one screwdriver fits all of them sadly. Trust us when we say nothing will be more infuriating when you’re in the middle of putting furniture together than finding you don’t have the right tool!

4. Saws

For when you are doing any type of DIY or gardening that needs cutting. A wood saw is great at cutting through wood when you need to trim things down to size. Great if you’re wanting to make a storage rack in your garage, having a range of saws for different materials and scenarios is always a good option.

5. Bench vice

It is a simple device, yet one that can save you your patience. You place the object you’re working on in the vice, tighten it so it doesn’t move, and you can then work on it. For example, use the vice to secure objects when you’re cutting or drilling holes safely, rather than flimsily balancing them off the side of a worktop.

6. Stanley knife

A handy little tool suitable for a lot of tasks, such as cutting through fabric and cardboard, opening packets, or even sharpening pencils – we’ll get to them in a minute!

7. Tape measure

What garage doesn’t have a tape measure? It’s a simple device that is pretty self explanatory. It can be used to measure anything and everything – and is really useful to get that professional finish.

8. Spanners

Like screwdrivers, it’s always a good idea to have range of sizes of spanners, as many bolts come in different sizes. Again, trying to use a spanner that is too small or too big to tighten or loosen a bolt just won’t work – so stock up beforehand.

9. Pliers

Pliers are a great tool to have in your garage tool kit, and again there are a range of sizes for you to have. Needle nose pliers are great at snipping and bending wires, and popular with everyone from electricians to jewellers. Bigger pliers can help with removing nails from walls amongst other things, making them handy in the garage, garden, shed or home.

10. Pencil

A simple but important tool, the pencil is often overlooked – but almost always a necessity. From drawing out drafts of the designs you have in mind, to marking on the wall or object you are working with where you want to cut or drill, having a sharp pencil to hand makes life a whole lot easier.

There are many other tools that you can have in your garage, but for a starter kit we think these are the perfect things to enable you to do most tasks you want to do in your garage, home or garden with ease. So don’t be caught out the next time you plan on doing DIY!

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