Is it safe to keep my possessions in a garage?

Having a garage is a great luxury that can make your life a lot easier. Having more space to store things or keep your car off the road at night can be invaluable, and sometimes it can even be the deciding factor in whether someone buys a house or not. Once you have a garage however it can be difficult to work out which of your valuables are safe to be stored there, and how best to utilise the space. Here are some risks that you should consider when you are deciding what to do with your garage.


Pests can be a common problem with garages, particularly in buildings which are away from the house or in a separate location altogether. It can sometimes be hard to notice the warning signs of pests, and as such, you may only discover an infestation after the damage is done. Homeowners should be wary about leaving old furniture or any food in garages, as these will provide shelter and food for rodents. However, garages are often used as additional storage and the threat of pests doesn’t need to put you off. Simply make sure that you put traps down or take precautions to make sure that you don’t get any unwanted guests.


Leaky garages are another issue that can potentially cause damage to possessions. Leaks are relatively rare if your garage is well maintained, but if left unchecked, water can rust stored cars, damage boxes, grow mould and ruin electrics. If you are looking to store any of these types of items in a garage you should check regularly for signs of water damage, and immediately treat any leaks. This is especially important during the winter months or times of heavy rain, as these are the times when leaks are more prevalent.


Making sure your garage is safe and secure outside is just as important as anything inside. If your garage is away from your house then it can be hard to keep a constant eye on your stored items, but you can take measures to make sure your valuables are protected. If you want to store cars or other valuables in your garage, then it is worth investing money on a decent security system so that you can be more at ease. These preventative security measures are a great way to prevent you having to worry.

If you’re concerned about security then our sectional garage doors and up and over garage doors in particular can be a great choice for keeping your garage secure. Check out our extensive range of garage doors for more information.


Risk of fire can be a very difficult thing to respond to, because it is hard to predict. Fire relies on oxygen, heat and fuel, so an important part of avoiding this in garages is keeping these apart. If you are planning to use your garage as storage for paints, chemicals or any other combustibles, make sure you keep them in a secure location. Make sure sources of heat like water heaters are adequately ventilated and kept away from objects that could catch alight. Fire can be devastating if it happens, but if you keep your items properly stored then you can dramatically reduce the risk of it happening to you.

In summary, how safe storing possessions in your garage is depends largely on how well maintained it is. When you are storing items in your garage you want to make sure that they are protected, so make sure you take precautions to do so. If you take time and effort to maintain and secure your garage then there is no reason why you shouldn’t feel happy using your extra space however you wish.

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