Top 5 Ideas to Transform your Second Garage

If you are fortunate enough to have a second garage that is vacant, then we’ve got some great ideas for its use! Transforming your second garage into a living space doesn’t have to be expensive. The ideas below can be started with second-hand or unwanted equipment purchased from places such as auction sites or local community forums, and, in little to no time, will transform your second garage into a fun liveable space!      


Whether you’re a gym addict or only workout occasionally, having your own equipment close by makes exercising that bit easier. Having a mix of equipment that tackles cardio and strength would be ideal to get a full-body workout. However, if you’re starting slowly, it makes sense to first pick the equipment for your favourite exercise first and then move on to purchasing other bits and pieces to complete your gym.

Recording studio

Have you always dreamt of recording your own music? Well here’s your chance by converting your garage into a recording studio. As technology has advanced, the equipment needed to record professionally has reduced substantially. Even if you’re not interested in recording, if you play an instrument, then your garage is the ideal place to practice those loud riffs, drumbeats and high keys. Just make sure your garage door is well insulated to not disturb your neighbours.

Home cinema

With just a projector screen and sound system you’ll take those action films and sports events to the next level. Unused furniture and chairs around your house can be added to help lower costs, and decorating with a few of your favourite film posters and adding a mini-fridge to keep your snacks and drinks cool will add to that home cinema feel.     


Perhaps the most obvious choice for your second garage is to use it as a workshop. Garages typically house tools and equipment anyway so installing workbenches and work storage areas is a natural next step in transforming your second garage. Having a set up at home could also eliminate the costs of getting professional help on any vehicle repairs you may have.            

Games room

Bring back those nostalgic days of playing Pac-Man or Space Invaders at the arcade with your very own games room. If you’re more of a traditional games person then how about a ping-pong, pool or football table to test your skills against friends and family. Auction sites are a great place to find quality second-hand tables that won’t set you back. Just make sure you have enough room all the way around the table to play those trick shots.

Complete the transformation 

To complete your second garage transformation we can take a look at your garage door if it needs maintenance or repair work. And if your garage door needs an upgrade then let us know. We’ve got a wide range of garage door styles to suit your property.       

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