How To Keep Your Garage Door In Excellent Condition

Garage doors are incredibly reliable and more times than not, work without a hitch, which is why garage door maintenance can often take a backseat. But maintaining that reliability is important and might mean that you can delay repairs and replacements with some simple maintenance work that you can do pretty easily in the comfort of your own garage! With spring just around the corner and longer days within our reach, why not use those extra daylight hours to give your garage door some TLC with our garage door care tips below.

Keep it clean

A regular exercise for keeping your garage door in tip-top condition is a good clean. Make the time to clean your door a few times a year to ensure general dirt and grime is removed to prolong the life of your garage door. 

Avoid using any tools that might leave scratches, corrosive, abrasive or solvent detergents or glass cleaner, even if your door has glass panelling. For the longest garage door life, use warm water with soap or washing up liquid and a soft cloth – and don’t be tempted to use a pressure washer, as this could damage seals. 

It’s really important to make sure to remove any bird droppings, as it is acidic and can damage all types of garage door surfaces. If you live in a coastal area, be sure to give your garage door some attention more frequently, as the salty air can cause unwanted erosion. Sometimes, a clean isn’t enough, if you notice any issues with your door whilst cleaning, get in touch with us to talk through our repair options

General Inspections 

Regularly check your garage door for any wear and tear. Most of the time, people don’t realise how many parts there are to keeping your garage door moving and operating to its best ability, but sometimes, these things need replacing and the sooner you spot a break, the better it will be for the overall health of your door. If you do notice anything broken or not working correctly, get in touch with one of our team who would be happy to talk you through your repair options

Keep an eye on the electrics 

If your garage door is electric, it is really important to test the obstruction safety system regularly. Pop something low value in the way of your electric garage door and make sure it changes direction if it meets the obstacle. Electrical checks are an important part of garage door maintenance so it’s best to check this regularly so things like cars and bikes avoid getting hit due to faulty electrics. Not everyone has an electric garage door, so if you’re looking to upgrade your garage, check out our wide variety of garage door types or get in touch for more information. 

Don’t crowd your garage door 

Whilst garages are the ideal space for storing your belongings, it’s important not to block your door with obstructions. Whilst it may not seem like a big concern, constant contact with objects can actually cause your garage door to become unbalanced, which can be a costly repair, so to avoid this, manage the contents of your garage and keep things clear of the door’s path. For some top tips in garage storage solutions, check out our recent blog post with some easy space-saving tips. 

Is it time for a new door? 

Even the most well-loved and maintained garage door will need replacing at some point, and fortunately, we have a range of garage doors from up and overs, roller shutters and side hung garage doors to name a few. With over 30 years of experience in supplying, fitting and repairing garage doors, get in touch with us with any questions about repairing or replacing your garage door.

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