3 Uses for your Second Garage

A second garage is often built with the intention of getting more space for cars. But now people are more frequently investing in 2-car garages as well as garage doors that are two cars wide. So what do you do with the space in your other garage?

One option would be to fill it with more cars. But assuming that not all of us are car fanatics, we came up with some brilliant uses of second garages to help you make the most of your space.

1. Convert it into a liveable out-house

Modern white stone home with long driveway, brown garage door

Converting an extra garage into more living space for your house is a brilliant way to use the otherwise-empty space and create a perfect summer house – or even a full-time living space.

Adding an awning and investing in insulated roller garage doors as well as some high quality insulation can very quickly make a space perfectly liveable. Moreover, during hot summer days you can simply roll the awning out, open the roller shutter and get both a cool breeze and more space.

Most roller shutter doors will also have electric operation – so will be able to open and close automatically.

2. Make it a workshop or office

Many people work from home nowadays, which is a great way to save time travelling to and from an office – but it’s often hard to separate ‘work’ and ‘home’ spaces. Unused garage space with an internal garage opening can be quickly converted into a workshop or office.

You may also find that having separate space helps you become more focused and productive.

3. Use it as a hosting space

Four people siting around a wooden table covered with dishes of bright, fresh & healthy foodExtra space in your house means more space to host friends. With a whole garage to experiment with, you can convert it to a wonderful space for hosting, either as a dining room or a leisure room.

Though many garages are built without windows, if you implement the right lighting then you can create a beautiful, private atmosphere. And, as we already mentioned, on sunny days you can open the door to the garage and get ample natural light as well as fresh air.

What’s more is that if you have a party, the clean-up is confined to one area!

Whatever you decide to do with your second garage, make sure you invest in garage doors that you can trust – they keep your investment secure and ensure an easy entry and exit point.

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