6 considerations to take before buying a new garage door

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Buying a garage door is a major purchasing decision, considering that new doors can range in price from a few hundred to a few thousand pounds. With this in mind, we have put together a list of things to consider before parting with your money…


Likely the first thing you will envisage is the look of the garage door you are after. Will you be replacing your door with one that is like-for-like or going for a completely different design? Whatever style you choose, the garage door should fit the aesthetic of your property, for example wooden, carriage style doors fit older, traditional properties, whereas steel and aluminium doors are more suited to contemporary properties.

Door Type

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There are several types of garage door including up and over, roller shutter and sectional. Which one you choose will depend on factors such as what features you need, the aesthetic of your property and space you have available. For example, if you have pavement in front of your garage or your use this space to park another vehicle, then an up and over door may not be the best option as you will need a certain amount of free space to open and close it. In this situation, a roller shutter door would be more suitable.

Windows or no windows?

Big white house with wide white garage door with small windows

Having windows in your garage door has its advantages and disadvantages. If you use your garage for long periods of time then this is an excellent way to reduce lighting costs by attracting natural light. However, it does mean that people can see into your garage which could be a security risk. Choosing whether to have windows or not also depends on the look you are going for and whether it fits the style of your property.


Similar to choosing to have windows or not, choosing an insulated garage door also depends on how long you are in your garage for. While insulated doors are more expensive, they can reduce your heating costs substantially in the long term.


Even leaving aside vehicles, the contents of your garage can amount to thousands of pounds if you are storing items such as bicycles, power tools and lawnmowers. Fortunately, our garage doors offer high levels of security, and we even provide additional security features if your current door needs it. Spending a little extra on securing your door will help to prevent theft and give you peace of mind.

Inside a tidy garage with white walls & concrete flooring


As previously mentioned, new garage doors can range in price from a few hundred to a couple of thousand pounds. Of course, all the considerations must fit your budget. However, as stated, with insulation and security, initially spending a little more could save you money in the long term.         

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