Make Your Garage Gleam: How to Keep Your Garage Doors Clean


Bucket of water, sponge and cleaning fluid.

Your garage doors can play a big part towards making the overall look of your home spotless or grubby. Even if your garage isn’t located near your house or on your premises, it is still always a good idea to keep them sparkling clean. Not just for aesthetic reasons but to also help them function properly and to extend their longevity.

But with so many different types of garage doors and a vast range of materials used, how should you clean your garage doors to bring life back into them once more?

Let’s start with the products you’ll need to get the job done, which thankfully you’ll probably already have at home.

These include:

  • A soft bristled broom/brush
  • A hose
  • A bucket or washing up bowl
  • A cloth
  • Soap or detergent

First use your soft bristle broom/brush to rid the doors of dust and cobwebs that may have accumulated upon them since they were last cleaned. If any surface dirt/debris that is easily removed by a brush, has been left on the door, when you come to clean it the more likely you are to move the debris around and scratch the door.

Then take your hose and spray your door so it is wet. Follow with good old fashioned elbow grease and wash the door with your cloth that has been soaked in warm soapy water. Rinse the door when you have finished scrubbing it with your hose and allow to air dry.

Once your door is dry you can take a closer inspection of the paintwork and if it needs touching up or redoing. Should it need painting now is the best time as its squeaky clean, and no dirt and grime can become trapped between paint layers and later cause problems.

Should you have a metal garage door, we would suggest you apply a specialist wax designed for metal garage doors, to help protect and keep it in good condition. One layer should do the job perfectly.

Not only will cleaning your garage doors help to prolong their life and help reduce the chance of corrosion but you’ll also be able to inspect them thoroughly. You’ll be able to make sure everything is working as it should, and if there is something that causes concern you can get it sorted, sooner rather than later.

We would also recommend cleaning the interior side of your door (the same way you would the exterior), and the runners to make sure for efficient and good working order of your door.

If you do come across a problem with your door then don’t forget to give us a call. We operate without a call out charge too, so no more worrying about being charged for something that you haven’t already agreed too.  

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