Should You Renovate Your House Gate?


Wooden Gates


Whether you have big gates to your driveway, a small footpath gate, electric or wooden gates, they are one of the first aspects of your home that not only you and your visitors see, but also passers by.

So in answer to the title of this post, if your gates are looking tired, worn or are broken then yes!  

By sprucing up or replacing your gates, it can help make the whole entire look of your home not only smarter but also provide those all important fantastic first impressions, and if you’re thinking of selling your home, this could be a real game changer for some buyers and be well worth the investment.

So what can you do to renovate your gates?

Wooden Gates

If you have wooden gates, make sure the hinges are working properly and not squeaking, and that also the gate latch is in good working order. These can become loose over time so tighten up any screws if they are wiggling themselves free.

If there is any rot that seems to be settling in then perhaps it is time for a new gate, or if possible to replace these pieces with fresh wood.

You’ll also need to either stain the wooden gate or paint it to help preserve it.

Perhaps you already have painted your gate but would like to paint it a different colour?

There are numerous of fence and wood paint manufacturers that all have thousands of colours to choose from.

You can choose from traditional colours such as chestnut, white or dark green. Or you could go bright, colourful and bold with pink, light blue, light grey, or whatever takes your fancy. You could even tie in, or contrast the colour of your gate with your gardens flower colour theme.

Metal or Iron Gates

If you have metal or iron gates, give these a good clean and again make sure everything is in good working order. These may also need a lick of metal paint if you have used paint before, to freshen the look up.

Perhaps you want to change the look of your gate completely and go from wood to iron gates or vice versa and maybe have electric gates?

These are obviously bigger renovation jobs but once complete, can make for an exquisite, grand entrance to your home.

They can take time and cost more as you have to have a professional in to make and set up your gates but they will last a long time, especially if they are looked after well.

By having professional gates made, you can then decide if you want them to swing or slide open. Something you don’t always have the option of if you pick a standard style gate.

Whichever you decide to do, whether to renovate your current gate or to opt for a brand new one, it will need a yearly check and clean to help keep it give your house the desired curb appeal.

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