Your Guide to Doing Car Repairs in Your Own Garage

A man with gloves fixing something under the open hood of a car using his tools.

DIY mechanics are finding their forte the length and breadth of the UK. It is always best to seek a qualified vehicle mechanic if you have a big or complex car maintenance issue. If it’s something within your capabilities and you feel like you can do it yourself, it’s time to head to your garage.

Before you switch on the radio and get to work, make sure your garage is set up correctly for the jobs you need to do. To help you out, here is a crash course on creating a garage for car repairs.

Always Think Safety First

Before you start any task, make sure your environment is safe to work in. Do you have a first aid kit to hand? Is there a mobile nearby in case you need to call for help? What about a fire extinguisher? Tick these off before reaching for your wrench and make sure you are using well-maintained equipment at all times.

Maximise Your Space

A car reverse parked in a garage, in front of a workbench that has all the tools neatly organised on it and a tire rack above this filled with tyres.

Accidents can happen, but they are more likely to happen if you are squashed into a garage space working around a fridge, an old tent and the family bicycles. To reduce the chances of accidents but also make working in your garage more enjoyable, transform the space so it is fit for purpose. This may include:

  • Adding storage boxes in the roof to clear floor space
  • Adding a workbench
  • Utilising the driveway area

The driveway is one of the most underused areas. To make the most of this space, and the space in the loft of the garage, you will need to consider the type of garage door you have. If you were thinking of upgrading your garage door, look for designs that maximise space such as roller garage doors

Protecting Your Vehicle

Paint retouching and car detailing doesn’t come cheap – so be careful when working in your confined garage. If the weather is good, take the car to the driveway and use the garage as your tool hub. If the weather is not so great, you can always add rubber padding to the garage wall at the same height as your car door handle. This will prevent the most common scrapes and scratches. 

Consider Your Security

If you are working in your garage for long periods, there is a chance that thieves may notice you have been working (especially if you have had your garage door open throughout the day). These thieves will have seen your valuable tools and it may make your garage more of an appealing target.

To prevent break-ins, make sure your garage doors use the best security features – and always get any broken aspects of your garage doors repaired as soon as you notice them. 

A repair technician fixing a broken garage door and making sure the security on it is up to standards.

We offer affordable repairs services to keep you and your possessions protected. Speak with a professional to learn more.

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