How to Improve the Security of your Garage on a Budget


When your home is your castle, you want to do everything you can to keep it secure. One part of your property that criminals frequently target is your garage. You may be housing a nice car that has caught their eye, but a garage commonly includes another entrance into the main house.

For these reasons, it’s important to ensure that your garage security is effective. Thankfully, owning garage doors that deter criminals and prevent break-ins doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Repair Your Garage

One of the reasons your garage door can be compromised is because it has not been maintained properly or it has been damaged. That minor damage you see every day could be all a criminal needs to get access to your property. Instead of leaving it for another day, you could consider our professional and affordable garage door repair services.

Buy Add-Ons

Just because your current garage door is not a new model making use of the most innovative technological advances, it doesn’t mean that it cannot be secure. There are many affordable garage security products that can be added to your garage doors. Some examples include:


  • Garage-specific locks – there are many types of additional garage locks that can be bought to add another layer of defence.
  • Alarms – you may also wish to deter criminals with low-cost alarms that respond when the garage door is opened.
  • Motion detection lights – motion detection lights have been known to effectively deter criminals.
  • Fake external cameras – these products look real and prevent you from becoming a target.

Other Tricks and Tips

There are also ways to make your garage more secure without having to add products. The way you arrange your property can deter criminals. You may wish to park your second car (preferably the less valuable one) closely in front of the garage door. Moreover, the next time you renovate your outdoor space, you may want to choose a gravel driveway so you can hear trespasses approach your garage.

Safest Types of Garage Doors

If you do decide that new garage doors are needed, you can find affordable options that provide excellent security. You may wish to take a look at roller shutter garage doors or up-and-over garage doors. These are both a type of automated garage door that are difficult to break in to. This is because many of them require specific digital devices to enter.

However, it must also be said that some savvy criminals have found ways to still break into automated garage doors. This is why it is also recommended to combine well-made and well-maintained doors with the above products, tips and tricks.

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