4 Simple Ways to Childproof your Garage

A little girl happily riding a pink toy scooter in a garage, enjoying her playful adventure.

If you have young children then you may be used to childproofing your house such as adding guards on sharp edges or safety gates on stairs, but sometimes overlooked are the dangers that lurk in your garage. This space is typically filled with dangerous substances and tools that to an unsuspecting child can cause a lot of harm. So we bring you some tips to improve the safety of your garage for young and old alike.

Clean Up

A person cleaning a marble surface with a blue cloth, removing dirt or stains.

If your garage looks a mess then, of course, the first port of call would be to tidy it. Begin by removing any unwanted items; this will help clear surface areas and make them easier to clean. Small children often touch surfaces when moving about and put their fingers in their mouths. Thoroughly disinfecting surfaces will reduce the chance of them harming themselves.      

Out Of Reach

Even if your garage is in good shape, it is worth checking tins of paint, spray cans and any other containers you may have to see if they are empty or out of date. These can then be disposed of appropriately. The containers that remain should be properly sealed and out of the reach of children.

Proper Storage

A table with a variety of tools, including power tools, that could be dangerous for children.

Power tools, garden implements and any other objects that could fall and cause injury should be securely fastened or stored away, as should smaller items that could accidentally be put in mouths like screws. Potentially dangerous items should not only be kept out of reach but also out of sight to prevent prying hands. Remember that some children will try to use stools and counters to reach these items. Lockable cabinets are the ideal solution.

Test Your Garage Door   

A rusty, old garage door may not be a major problem for you, but to a child rust and jagged edges can cause major harm. Even modern, automatic garage doors can cause injury if you don’t take the utmost care. If your door needs repairs then please do not hesitate to contact us. Our skilled engineers can normally fix your garage door there and then and do not have a call out charge either.


By following these steps you will not only improve the safety of your garage but will also give you peace of mind knowing that your little ones are out of harm’s way.

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