5 Important Things to Consider When Buying a New Garage Door

You may want a brand new garage door because you just got a new set of expensive wheels, or it may just be because your current one is beyond repair and is lacking security. Whatever the reason for purchasing a new garage door, there are things to consider. To help you make an informed choice, here are our top five things that you should think over first.

1. Material

One of the first considerations should be the material you wish your garage door to be made from. You need to consider the material of the door against the aesthetics and design of your current property. Adding a modern garage door to a traditional property may look out of place and vice versa.

2. Installation Costs

Finding a garage door which ticks all the boxes and is within budget is the idea. Many people do this without thinking about one other cost – and that’s the cost to install your ideal garage doors. Don’t forget to factor this into your decision, especially if you are weighing up a couple of options and are on a budget.

3. Style

The world of garage doors is full of different styles. Many automatic and electric garage doors offer unparalleled convenience, while some people prefer the no-thrills and durability of sectional garage doors.

The style of the door will also influence the amount of space you get to use on your driveway if you have multiple vehicles. For example, a roller shutter garage door will open and close without protruding onto the driveway.

4. Maintenance

This one comes back to the material you choose. The material of the garage door will determine how much maintenance it needs. If you have a busy schedule and do not want to be frequently cleaning your garage doors, then you may wish to choose steel or PVC garage doors. On the other hand, timber garage doors are full of character but require more care.

5. The Extras

When you buy a garage door you rarely think about the little extras. However, you may want to consider the other bits and pieces which make owning your garage doors more convenient, safer, and even the ways they can help reduce bills.

At Garage Doors 4 You, we offer optional extras such as devices to operate them and safety products to deter criminals. It can sometimes be more cost-effective to buy these extras at the same time – so it is better to consider these early.

You may also want to consider insulated garage doors to help keep your heating bills down. Naturally, this only becomes a factor if your garage is attached to your home with a door.

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