How to Childproof a Garage – What You Can Do

If you’ve got children then you’ll know that they are able to find trouble without even trying! With this in mind, giving your child access to your garage space is probably the last thing you’d ever decide to do, especially when it is home to tools, gardening equipment, chemicals and other nasties that could cause significant harm. Rather than hoping your child never gets into the garage, use our advice to help you childproof your garage – from buying garage doors to locking items away, we have a solution for everyone, helping you to feel confident that no one will come to any harm. 

Install Safety Racking

A disorganised garage space can be particularly dangerous when children enter as there are so many hazards that could cause a lot of harm. One of the easiest ways to avoid this risk is to install safety racking that you can use to store your items on, keeping the floors clean and clear. Once you have cleaned up the mess, make sure that you also clean up any chemical spills or dirt that could cause your children to slip and hurt themselves.

Buy Garage Doors

If your garage doesn’t have doors or your doors are no longer fit for purpose then it may be time to buy new ones that offer the ultimate in safety. There is a wide range of garage doors to choose from, with many coming with additional safety features that can help you to completely childproof a garage. If you want electric doors, up and over doors, shutter doors or even side hung doors, you should choose a garage door specialist who can make sure that your choice will work to keep your children out!

Invest in Lockable Storage

Another great safety solution for your garage is to invest in lockable storage containers for any specific items that you do not want your children to get hold of. From paint to turps and engine oil to power tools, there are lots of potential risks if you do not take the time to lock things away. There are lots of great lockable solutions to choose from, but remember that the larger and heavier the items are, the lower down they will need to be kept to stop your racking from toppling over. Once your lockable storage is in place, remember to keep the keys out of your children’s reach so that they can get access to the things you have stored inside.

Let Garage Doors 4 You Help!

Now you have a childproofing plan in place, why not let Garage Doors 4 You help to find the best new garage door solution for your needs. – the best supplier of garage doors in Kent! From getting advice on buying garage doors to arranging the ideal items for your property, we can do it all. Connect with our team today and let us arrange a solution that suits your needs and your budget, we can’t wait to help!

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