Top Tips for a Having a Popular & Successful Garage Sale

A photograph showing a garage sale sign up front, while the background is blurred as the garage sale occurs.

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. If you are hoping to save some money this year, a garage sale may be the perfect way to get you off the mark. Everybody has items of clothing, small appliances and little bits and bobs that they don’t use but still have some value to be cashed in on. 

A garage sale is the best way to offload them and earn money for the family holiday. Or you may just want to sell them to declutter your home and prepare for some new purchases. Whatever your reason for throwing your garage sale, here are our top tips to get the most out of it.




Don’t rely on dog walkers and Sunday road-trippers to make up your market on sale day. By advertising your garage sale in advance, you can attract more people through your door. This is best done by buying newspaper adverts, putting up notices on community boards and signs on lamp posts. Just make sure you only put signs up legally and do not cause problems for motorists. 


Make It Look Inviting


Let’s be honest. Piling your possessions on the drive and in the garage for buyers to browse does not always look so appealing. By making your entranceway and drive look more eye-catching you can attract more visitors. 

Maybe add some plants or put your best items to the front – weather permitting. Not everything on your drive has to be for sale and some items can be used to lure people inside. Stick a reserved sign on them to avoid questions.

You would never do home maintenance such as painting the external parts of your property or installing high-end garage doors just for the pending sale. However, if you have these on your to-do list anyway then it may be better to schedule your sale after your home makeover to attract more buyers.

An exchange of money between two peoples hands for a transaction in a garage sale.


Free Refreshments


Hosting your buyers with free refreshments such as juices and coffee may be enough to spark their interest and get them through your garage door. Going the extra mile with some homemade cakes, treats or even a nice smelling barbeque will probably be even more effective. You don’t always have to make it free and can charge a small amount to break even on your burgers.

It can be a good idea to invite neighbours around for your free refreshments to fill up your garden or driveway. The more people making a fuss and sparking an interest could work in your favour when unknowing drivers are passing by.


Organise and Prepare


Garage sales are much more successful when they are organised and people can easily find what they are looking for. Take the time to make small sections on your driveway and inside the garage to make it easy for your potential buyers.

A table filled with various items, that have been neatly organised so it is easy for people at the garage sale to browse.

In the same breath, prepare for your sale by listing your items with price stickers or tags. Some buyers may be reluctant to ask about prices so make it simple for them. Nevertheless, be prepared to haggle on single and multiple items.

Put these top tips into action will help you host an enjoyable, less stressful and more profitable sale!

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