Top Garage Door Maintenance Advice

A man fixing a garage door, wearing protective gloves and standing on a ladder.

The functionality and aesthetics of your garage door are important. These doors protect your vehicle, your family and on some occasions the rest of your property. They are also responsible for temperature regulations and are a focal point for your home’s kerb appeal. Whether you are staying put or selling up, there is always a good reason to maintain your garage doors and secure your property.

Top Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Someone lubricating & fixing the chain on a garage door opener.

How you maintain your garage door will highly depend on the materials it is made with and the type of doors you own. Some materials may need sealing or repainting such as timber doors, whereas PVC doors are low maintenance in this regards. Alongside these sort of protective measures and frequent cleaning, here are some other top tips for your garage door maintenance:

  • Owners of rolling doors should clean guide tracks with turps to prevent over resistance between the tracks and the Nylofelt
  • Lubricate steel hinges and bearings with machine oil
  • Plastic hinges do not generally need lubricating, but if desired use silicone spray
  • Use any excess oil on a cloth to maintain springs (do not spray directly)
  • Check for frays on cables
  • Check screw, nuts and bolts every month

As well as the above, it is best to complete a full inspection of your garage doors every three months. If you have any doubt your first port of call should be garage door technicians

Garage Door Repairs

You may find your garage door is not functioning as it should. This is a major concern because it can compromise the safety of your vehicle, home and other possessions. In these instances, it is best to get garage door repair experts on the scene – and especially so if you suspect mechanical failure on automatic and electrical garage doors. From broken springs to a faulty lock, these experts can make the correct fixes without invalidating warranties.

Your Replacement Garage Door Options

Two men in blue overalls doing measurements for new garage doors that will be fitted.

For some homeowners, their garage doors are beyond repair or they would rather invest in some quality garage doors that will serve them well and increase the value of their property. It is likely that garage doors have evolved and developed for the better since your last ones were made. Here are the latest options that you should consider:

Get Help from Garage Door Experts

Whether your garage door needs fixing or you need a completely new one, choose a company that is an expert in all things garage doors. Garage Doors 4 You have been providing happy customers with high-quality garage doors for over 30 years. For further information, get in touch with one of our professionals.

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