How to Convert your Garage into a Man Cave

Turning your garage into a man cave is the perfect way to let your creative side out and make the most out of the extra space that you have. Nowadays a vast majority of people who have garages don’t use them for car storage and instead, one of the most popular things to do is to turn it into an extra room. Man caves are a great way of adding personality to your property and building a perfect get away from the stress of day to day life. When deciding to turn your garage into a man cave, there are a few steps that you should follow to make sure you get the best results.

1. Draw up some plans.

Before you start anything, it pays to be prepared. Work out how much you aim to spend and what you hope your man cave will look like. Be realistic about how much work your garage will need to get it ready to fill with new furniture and gadgets, and how wild you want to go with your design. You may need to invest in proper insulation, flooring and security when making your man cave, so creating a plan allows you to work out a budget and be better prepared when you start building.

2. Clean and empty your garage.

Once you have a rough plan of how you want to convert your garage, the next job is to clear it out and give it a good clean. Doing so may make you realise that you have more or less space than you expected, and it may cause you to reevaluate your desired layout for your new den. Regardless, having an empty space will leave you ready to start the real work on making your man cave.

3. Sweat the small stuff.

When your man cave is completed it will most likely be filled with all of your favourite things and will be a great place to hang out with friends, neighbours and family. The last thing you want is to populate the garage with everything you love and then realise that it is cold or damp. Before you start rushing to fill it up with all the good stuff, make sure that your garage is well insulated and free of any damage. It may be a bit boring and time consuming, but making sure that your garage is ready for human habitation is an important step in preparing it for becoming your favourite room in the house.

4. Flooring.

This one goes hand in hand with the previous point. A lot of the time garages have a standard concrete floor, which whilst perfectly suited for storage and keeping cars, is not ideal for comfort or keeping in heat. Spending some time and money on flooring will be better in the long run, and will help you feel more at home.

5. Plan your security.

The possibilities with a completed man cave are endless. You can fill it with exciting things like wall mounted TVs, the latest video games, pool tables… the list goes on. Put your mind at ease by splashing out on some extra security to make sure the fruits of your labour are protected.

6. Get creative.

…and now, the fun bit. By now your garage is, for all intents and purposes, an empty but comfortable room. Now it is time to put your personal touch on things and start filling it up with your chosen man cave items and men-orabilia. The best man caves are an extension of their owners personality, so, unlike the rest of your house, don’t be afraid to go all out on a specific theme, whether it be turning it into a rock-infused hangout, a spaceship interior straight out of science fiction or even a pirate ship (check this link to see amazing images of these). The room is yours to customise, so take your time to make sure that everything from the lights, furniture and utilities are all in-keeping with your theme and your design.

For inspiration, check out Pinterest where you can see hundreds of design ideas for your man cave, to help you plan your perfect sanctuary.

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