Benefits of a Remote Controlled Garage Door

Hand inside vehicle with garage door remote control pressing to open garage door

Automating household appliances is becoming increasingly popular. Not just for the novelty of having your fridge play music or have your coffee machine turn on at certain times (though the novelty can be fun), this automation is actually improving lives. Remote controlled garage doors are something that people are seeking more frequently for their many benefits.

But what are their benefits?

Remote Controlled Garage Doors are Convenient

Rusty garage door

In the centre of a midwinter storm, having to get out of your car to open and close an old, rickety, garage door can be a real nightmare. Often, people would rather leave their cars on their drive than deal with their garage door. However, this leaves their vehicles open to opportunistic thieves.

The most obvious benefit of automatic doors is simply that they’re convenient. Being able to control your garage door from a smartphone means that you can stay in the warmth of your car until you’re in the safety of your garage. This way, you don’t need to worry about losing a remote either!

The lighting installed with many automatic garage doors can also be a lifesaver in all types of weather.

Increased Security

Because an automatic garage door is operated remotely, there aren’t obvious break points in the door design that would-be burglars can target. A number of older door designs, for example, would only need the handle broken off to gain access to the garage.

A remote with ‘rolling codes’ is an added security benefit as the code changes every time the remote is pressed. This makes it very hard for someone to ‘clone’ the remote.

Most electric doors will have a holiday mode. This is a great way to ensure that your garage door cannot open from the outside while you’re away.

With automated closing, you never have to worry about whether you closed the door or not. You can simply set a time period in which the door will close.

Automatic offers increased safety

Off road 4x4 car front agains garage door

Automated doors come with sensors which stop them closing if there is something in the way. This keeps your car, your pets, and children safe from any accidents. Garage door accidents can be fatal, and there are few things worse than realising you’ve closed your garage door on your new car by hearing the crunch.

Helpful for people with mobility issues

Garage door automation can offer a huge improvement in quality of life for people with mobility issues. Having to manually open and close a bulky door is not only difficult physically but can also be a real danger to people who already struggle with mobility.

Raises the value of your house

The aesthetics of many electric garage doors can not only offer the functionality mentioned above but also improve the outside appearance of your house. The appearance combined with the convenience and safety provided by the modern garage door can make your home more attractive to buyers.

There are some drawbacks

Constructor and apprentice verifies correct installation on gara

Due to the nature of automatic garage doors, maintenance requires access to complex moving parts and electrics. With traditional garage door mechanisms most people who are relatively handy could troubleshoot and fix a variety of problems. But electric garage openers will almost always require professional help with installation and maintenance.

The other main drawback is having electric and remote problems – forgetting to charge your remote or have a spare set of batteries handy can leave you waiting around unexpectedly. This can be avoided with some sensible preparation and most remote controlled garage doors will have some sort of manual override in case of electricity outages.

That said, just because a professional fitter will be required to install your garage door doesn’t mean that it’ll be expensive – especially when compared with the benefits. The cost of an automatic garage door opener is an average of around £400; across their average life of 10 years this is a cost of £3.34 a month to ensure your home, vehicles, and other assets are kept safe.

If you’re looking for high quality remote controlled garage doors to improve your house value and keep you safe, let’s talk.

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