Important Things to Consider if you Want to Build a Garage

Having private parking can make life less stressful and protect your vehicle from thieves and other hazards. It also increases the valuation of your property and is a worthwhile investment.  Building a garage is one of the best ways to reap these benefits but planning your build can be tricky. To help you out, here are some of the key considerations to take into account.

Vehicle Size and Numbers

When drawing up the blueprints for your garage, you will need to consider the size of your vehicle and how many vehicles you want it to house. You may also want to consider any planned vehicle purchases and build your garage with those in mind.


At the same time as considering vehicle sizes and vehicle numbers, you may also want to sit down and consider its uses. Is it just going to be a space to safely store vehicles, or will it double as something else? Some people want their garages to be multifunctional. Popular examples include workshops, storage spaces, home gyms – and some even add a second level to work as a study.

The Flagship Aspect of Any Garage

The centrepiece of any functional and stylish garage is usually the garage doors. Obtaining the best garage doors can make or break your build, as these are what add convenience to its function and are what the eyes are drawn to. There are also many types of garage doors that are more applicable to different designs. For example, roller garage doors allow you to open and close the doors without impeding on driveway space while alternatives will function differently for different benefits.

Detached vs Attached

If you have the land for a garage, one of the big decisions is choosing whether you would prefer a garage that is attached to your property or a detached garage. There are positives and drawbacks to both designs. An attached garage lets you move between the garage and your home effortlessly and will certainly be beneficial if it is raining heavily. On the other hand, a detached garage reduces security risks to your home. Although this decision may be influenced by your property, current land ownership and road positioning.

Planning Permission

Last on our list but certainly first on yours is planning permission. Not only will you need to get permission to build your garage, you may also need permission to use your intended materials, especially if you reside in a listed or protected building.

Getting Help With Your New Garage

Choosing the best products to enhance your garage doors is key to building a functional and appealing garage. At Garage Doors 4 You, we only offer the most advanced garage doors and effective products at affordable prices. Speak to our friendly team to find out how we can be a part of your exciting build.

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