What Garage Door Style Best Suits your Home?

Garage doors are made in an array of styles with different functions. The reason why there are many types of garage doors to choose from is to cater to different functional needs. Moreover, a choice of style also allows buyers to match their garage doors with the rest of their property. From traditional properties full of character to those living the white-picket-fence lifestyle in modern suburbia, there is a style to suit everyone. From roller garage doors to electric garage doors, read on to learn what will suit your home best.

Roller Garage Doors

The inside of two roller garage doors, showcasing the space that is saved with them.

Roller garage doors are an excellent choice for people who want to save space on their driveways. This is because the opening and closing of these doors does not protrude out onto the driveway but simply rolls upwards and downwards. Most of these garage doors are given a laminated finish that makes them applicable to modern properties and especially properties which boast a lot of glass. However, woodgrain finishes are available which match well with some older homes.

Up and Over Garage Doors

Two white, up and over, garage doors with window on the top of them, one is open halfway and the other is closed.

Up and over garage doors are one of the most versatile types of garage door and an architect’s best friend. Most people will be familiar with their one-piece and unidirectional function that can be found across city blocks and out in the sticks.

The reason they are found in vastly different locations is due to their easy functioning but also due to their ability to be tailored to different property styles. They come in a range of colours but more notably may be made with different materials, including steel, timber, PVC and even GRP. Whatever period your property is from, up and over garage doors can be the perfect match.

Electric Garage Doors

A person using a remote control to open or close their electric garage door.

One of the newest additions to the garage door range is electrical models. These doors offer a new level of convenience by enabling drivers to operate them from the comfort of their vehicle. Many people choose to opt for electric garage doors on more modern properties because of their modern features. However, some people have been able to make periodic properties match electric garage doors by choosing earthy colours that match their property’s timeless character.

Sectional Garage Doors

A suburban house featuring two garage doors, and a lot of green scenery with trees and a freshly cut lawn.

One high-end option for your garage doors are sectional models. These are made bespoke to your taste and property’s aesthetics. They come available in 24 colours and plentiful finish options. From Georgian periodic houses all the way up to modern masterpieces, sectional garage doors are sensational in offering safety and kerb appeal.

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