3 Great Ways to Upgrade your Garage Space

Whether it be the exercise bike that has seen better days or the tool station that you said you would get loads of use out of, chances are, your garage hasn’t seen the light of day in some time. Yet it can be so easy to breathe some life back into it. So we came up with three ways that you can upgrade your garage

Home Gym

Making use of all that unused and wasted space with the use of a small home gym is a great idea, and it doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket either. Second-hand gym equipment can be picked up at boot sales, and through hundreds of auction websites, even given away for free in some cases. Simply clear out the worn and rusty equipment to bring in some weights or a state of the art cross-trainer!     

A home gym, in a room by the windows containing a treadmill, workout bench and tv.

Sound Proof

Soundproofing can be a lifesaver when it comes to your garage space, not just for you, but your neighbours as well. Whether you are a carpenter, crafter, restorer or an aspiring rock star, you might find yourself creating a great deal of noise when perfecting your craft. This could be from the heavy-duty machines or just from the music mash-up that you like to throw together. This is where soundproofing can come to the rescue.    

With soundproofing, a little can go a long way. Even with very simple adjustments to equipment and relatively inexpensive foaming and padding you can create a very immersive space that won’t cause disturbances to anyone.

A lively band jamming in a converted garage, creating music together with passion and enthusiasm.

Top Tip  – If you are looking to soundproof but don’t want to splash out loads of money then why not use egg boxes? The shape will bounce the sound and most places will just give them away!

Build a Bar

Having your own fully-stocked bar right on the doorstep is a dream for many people, yet you may be thinking there will never be enough space to set it up in the house. Yes, you may be right, but what about the garage?

The garage is so often overlooked as another fully fleshed out part of the house as its mainly used for storage, keeping old “stuff” and maybe parking the car if you are organised. So if you have already thought about how to make it a better space, you should build something that will motivate you to spend more time there, and what better place then a bar? Invite some friends over, get a pool table in there, maybe some heaters for the winter. You can customise the space to your heart’s desire!

A cozy bar in a garage, with stools and a mesmerizing fish tank on the wall, creating a relaxing ambiance.

And if your garage door system is holding you back…

If your garage door is halting you from making some of these upgrades then do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our specialists, we are experts and are always happy to hear how we can help!


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