How to Transform Your Home with an Awning

A veranda with a stylish black & white striped awning hanging over a freshly cut and well maintained garden, on a modern home.

When looking for ways to add value to your home, you may consider renovating your garage into a liveable space, adding a bedroom to your loft or even equipping your home with a high-spec bathroom. These are all great ideas, but have you ever considered choosing an awning to improve your home?

Here we have all you need to know about awnings. From their uses and materials to their ability to protect windows and create a charming entertainment space. 

What Is an Awning?

An awning is a light but durable structure that protrudes from a wall to provide an overhang. They are most often used by shops and seen along high streets but are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners too. They can be made from different materials ranging from acrylic to wooden and steel structures.

Awnings are usually located above a door or window, but they can be attached to other areas around a property depending on the homeowner’s needs. 

Why Do People Choose to Get an Awning?

More people are adding an awning to their home so they can take advantage of their outdoor spaces. When the sun is shining, a patio may be too warm to sit on for long periods. An awning provides ideal protection from the sun while still being able to sit outside in the warmth. 

On the other hand, an awning can provide shelter from wet conditions and wind. People can use their awning to remain outdoors and keep outdoor furniture dry. Ultimately, an awning is used to allow homeowners to maximise the use of their outdoor areas all year round.

A patio area in a home garden featuring a set of table and chairs that are shadowed by an awning, next to a pool.

Other Benefits of an Awning?

Using a garden or a patio at any time of the year is the main benefit of an awning, but these products also offer additional benefits that may not be noticed at first. For example:

  • An awning can increase the value of your property (even if you are selling a property, they can stage your home in a unique way to attract better offers)
  • They offer a prime entertaining space for guests
  • They protect windows and doors from wind and UVA damage
  • They can be matched with your home’s aesthetic
  • Depending on location they can help with energy costs
  • Awnings can protect patio or garden furniture from weather damage or strong gusts
  • They add some degree of privacy to your home 

Awnings with Garage Doors 4 You

Not everyone is aware that, apart from garage doors, we also offer high-spec awnings. Our awnings make use of sophisticated technology, allowing them to be controlled with the touch of a button, operate remotely and even include wind sensors.

We stock a wide range of models with different designs and colours to pair easily with your home and garden. All of our awnings are accompanied by a five-year warranty for additional peace of mind.

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