How to Prepare Your Garage Door for Autumn 2023


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As we say goodbye to summer for another year, UK garage doors up and down the country are being prepared for autumn. If you haven’t started the process of reading your garage door for Autumn yet then don’t despair, Garage Doors 4 You have prepared this handy list so that you know what needs to be tackled – take a look and get started now!


  1.       Check Your Seals – one of the first jobs that needs to be done is seal checking. The seals around your garage door work hard to keep water out and warmth in, making it a space that is usable all year round. Check for gaps and breaks in the seal and install new sealant if needed to keep everything working perfectly.
  2.       Listen for Unusual Noises – another key job that needs to be done is checking for metallic and scraping noises when the door is moved up or down. This can signal a serious problem in some types of garage doors and needs to be addressed by a professional as soon as possible.
  3.       Paint and Protect – if you have a free morning before the autumn kicks in you can use it to repaint your garage door, helping to protect it from damage and rust. Make sure you use a specialist paint for the job so that you can ensure the highest level of protection.
  4.       Clean and Sweep – it may sound like a simple task, but taking the time to give your garage a good clean out and sweep will help you to assess what you have and what needs to be cleared for the colder season.
  5.       Check the Roof & Gutters – it can be easy to get caught up in the inside space of your garage, but it’s also important to check the guttering system and the roof for leaks or cracks so that you don’t end up with expensive damage to resolve.
  6.       Arrange Any Repairs – if you know that there are any specific issues with your garage door, arranging repairs now is the best way to handle them. If you leave it until autumn, you may find that the cold and wet weather work to exacerbate the issue, costing you even more to solve.
  7.       Check Your Insulation – finally, if you have insulated your garage space to reduce the climate extremities, it is important to make sure that there are no gaps or holes in the insulation system that could allow damp or cold in.


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