8 Things Homeowners Should Know Before Getting a New Garage Door

When your garage door needs replacing, it is easy to start looking at garage doors for sale and pick the one you like the look of the best. However, before you spend any cash at garage door manufacturers, take the time to look at our eight tips so that you don’t end up with a bad result!


1 – Make Sure the Service Visits You In Person

A new garage door is an expensive purchase, with lots of room for error. Many people are convinced to buy from garage door manufacturers that claim to offer the best deals but then end up sending a door that does not fit or work properly. Make sure that you choose a supplier that will come and take measurements in person to give the best chance of success.


2 – Think About Energy Bills

With more people focused on climate change and saving money, new garage doors can help you achieve your goals. Opting for the most insulated options will reduce your energy bills and make your garage space more accessible even in the coldest weather.


3 – Avoid Solid Wood Doors

When you are looking at garage doors for sale, don’t fall into the trap of choosing solid wood doors. It’s true that they look fantastic when they are first installed, but they come with serious maintenance needs such as sanding and revarnishing. If you want a wood look, there are many faux-wood options that look authentic and will save you hours of work every year.


4 – Don’t Install Your Own Door

Unless you are a garage door installer by trade, the chances that you can install your door to the same standards are pretty low. Rather than giving yourself the additional pressure, let a qualified professional complete the task for the best and quickest results every time.


5 – Start Your Search Online

If you are keen to invest in a new garage door but don’t know which design you want, then hit the internet to get some ideas. Garage door manufacturers will have their entire catalogues online for you to view so that you can work out the designs you like the best before you head out to shop in person.


6 – Think About Windows

If your garage is a dark place, or you want to add some flair to your new garage door, then why not consider having some windows installed in the top section? If this appeals, you will need to make sure that the glass is insulated and frosted to ensure that your security remains high.


7 – Consider Automation

If you want a garage door that will work hard for you, then why not consider including automation on your wishlist. This way, you can enter and exit your garage at the touch of a button, giving you better security and less chance of getting caught in bad weather.


8 – Check the Spec

Finally, before you part with any money, make sure that everything that is included in your garage door package is the highest spec you can afford. Doing this will get you the quietest model that lasts the longest. Remember that deals that seem too good to be true usually are!

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