Do I Repair or Replace My Garage Door?

The question, should I repair or replace my garage door, is one that many home and business owners struggle with, especially when the doors are getting old. Rather than wasting money on garage door repairs or replacements that aren’t needed, we’ve shared some simple tips to help you make the right decision without any problems – read on to find out more.


When Garage Door Repairs Are Right

At Garage Doors 4 You, we are often asked what type of garage door issues can be easily repaired, so we’ve listed some of the issues that repairs are right for below:

  •         Minor Dings – if your garage has some small dents and dings, these can often be repaired quickly and at a reasonable price, allowing you to get your door back in great condition without replacing it.
  •         Paintwork Issues – as garage doors age, the paintwork can chip or peel, but this is definitely an issue that can be repaired. It may be that the paint needs to be stripped or it can be sanded and primed. Either way, you’ll have lovely looking garage doors in no time.
  •         Cracks in the Door – if you have any small cracks in your garage door then these may be able to be repaired by a professional. However, the cracks will need to be assessed and the reason for the cracks discovered before a plan of action can be implemented.


When Garage Door Replacement is Right

Unfortunately, there are some issues that can only be addressed by replacing a garage door completely. These issues include:

  •         Warped & Rusted Doors – if your garage door has warped with age or is rusted, you will need to have it replaced as the structural integrity of the doors will be too compromised to repair.
  •         Large Dents & Bowing – if your garage door has been significantly damaged and has sustained large dents or is bowing then it must be replaced as it will be too damaged to repair in a safe and secure way.
  •         Squealing Noises When Opening – loud, squealing noises can be a sign that the door is failing and needs to be repaired. Always get garage door noises checked by a professional first, as this will help to eliminate any lubrication issues that may be present before accepting the need to replace it.
  •         Failure to Open or Close Properly – if your garage door does not open or close or fails to stay in the position you need it to then this is a clear sign that it must be replaced as soon as possible to ensure no risk to anyone’s health or safety.


Using Garage Door Specialists UK

No matter whether you choose to pursue a repair or a replacement for your garage doors in Medway and beyond, it is vitally important to get a UK garage door installer or repair specialist to complete the work for you rather than doing it yourself. The main reason for this is that garage doors can be dangerous if not repaired properly, putting you and your loved ones at risk and threatening to invalidate any future insurance claims should something go wrong.


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If you’ve decided you want to replace my garage door, Garage Doors 4 You are ready to help. We are an expert team of garage door specialists and have a range of garage door options for you to choose from. Take a look at the different types of garage doors we have available and then get in touch with our team to get started – we can’t wait to hear from you.

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