What Type of Garage Door Should You Fit in Your Home?

Deciding on the right garage door to fit is not an easy task, especially as it is there to protect what is for many people, their most prized possession – their car. Apart from safety, there are other important aspects to take into account including the amount of space you have in and around your garage, how often you will use it, and what style suits your property. So here is a guide to the garage door types we offer and what they offer you.

Up and Over

Traditionally the most common type of garage door, the up and over does as its name suggests; it opens to fit up and over the entrance. Up and over doors move in one single piece. Canopy style up and over doors protrude from the garage to form a canopy, while retractable style doors fit neatly back into the garage.

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Sectional Doors

Sectional garage door

Sectional doors open vertically and are suspended under the garage ceiling to save space. These doors are constructed from individual slats that bend as the door is opened and closed. This type of door offers the convenience of being opened and closed by remote and allows you to park right up next to it as it does not swing out.

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Roller Shutter Doors

Roller shutter garage door

A roller shutter door is constructed from individual slats that roll up and down as one, on a barrel. The door does not swing out so is the ideal choice if you don’t have space for a swinging door. Typically roller shutters are mechanically opened and closed by the click of a button.

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Side Hung Doors

Side hung garage doors

Side hung doors have two parts that open where they meet, this is usually in the centre but can also be off-centre. This type of door typically opens outwards, but can also open inwards if there is enough space in the garage to do so. Side hung doors often come with windows fitted.

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Personnel Side Doors

Garage personnel side door

Personnel side doors offer access to your garage without having to open the garage door. These pedestrian sized doors can be fitted next to your garage door or to a side or rear wall. They can be fitted together with your garage or on their own and are typically in the same style as the garage door.

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All these doors come in different materials such as steel, timber, aluminium and PVC and a wide array of colours to choose from. You can even add details like windows and doors. So no matter what style of door you require, you can be guaranteed that with us, you will get the best in quality to fit your budget.

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