Can A Garage Add Value To Your Home?

Quite simply – YES!

If you are wondering how to add that extra bit of real estate sparkle to your home and boost your property value, or if you are running out of storage space, a garage is a great addition to any home.

Buyers can easily be swayed to purchase a house if it has a garage for a number of reasons, including that their car and bikes can be stored safely, or it can utilised as an extra living space, for guests or teenage children that want their own space.


Brick Construction Garage With Roller Shutter Door


Of course building a garage isn’t the cheapest option but it will lead to an increase of value, on average of 11% or more. When a house has a garage, there will normally be off road parking which will also aid in upping your house value. Lot’s of homeowners know and fully understand the daily struggle of not being able to park close to home when they have arrived back from work, which can be extremely frustrating. Therefore a house not only having a garage but also off road parking, will be very much sort after.


So you want to build a garage and a driveway but where do you start?

Well, first of all you need to make sure your have sufficient room on your property and to follow specific guidelines, outlined by your local council.

It isn’t always a necessity to obtain planning permission for a garage but we would strongly recommend enquiring to be one hundred percent certain. Building regulations and rules are different for a stand alone garage to a garage built joined to your house.

For example your garage cannot be over a certain height or width and cannot intrude upon neighbours.


Neighbours can often become tricky when you want to do any type of renovation to your home, so ensuring that your garage doesn’t impede on their privacy or affect their quality of life will always help in your relationship with them.

If you’re going to build a garage, make sure you do a full, complete job and not put together a rickety building that isn’t safe, as this will have the opposite effect to what you are trying to achieve.

Installing electricity, insulation and excellent security will also make your garage desirable.

On the inside you’ll need to pick the right type of paint for your garage floor to help protect it for longer. You can have a read of our Tips for Painting your Garage Floor here.


Finally, you’ll want to place a door on it to give it the finishing desired look as well as getting it to fit in with the design of your house, as so to keeping the theme running continuously, will also prove pleasing to prospective buyers.

There are many different types of garage doors and colours for you to choose from. There are side hung doors, up and over garage doors, electronic doors, roller shut doors and so much more. You can view our range of garage doors here.

For whatever reason you decide to build your garage whether that’s for extra storage space, or for your car, it will always increase your property value when built well, especially when it looks aesthetically pleasing and is secure.


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