Converting your Garage into a Child’s Playroom

Garage turned into a playroom

There are loads of creative ways to upgrade your garage. Instead of opening your garage door to a room that you barely know, why not transform your garage into your very own sanctuary away from the house? We have already talked about how to turn your garage into a bedroom to boost your property value, and how to turn it into a man cave, but today we will be exploring how to turn your garage into your very own kids playroom.

Having a room dedicated to being a safe, colourful area for your children means that you can create a space away from the house for your children to play in safety and comfort, but you can also take the opportunity to get really creative as well.

Step 1- Prepare your playspace

Depending on the condition your garage is in when you start, depends on the amount of work you may need to do to get your garage to a state where your children can play happily. Insulation is one of the most important factors, and is sadly missing from many older garages. It may take time to get your garage insulated, patched up and cleared enough that you can start filling it with all of your child’s favourite toys, but the completed room will be completely worth it.

Step 2- Keep it secure

If you are going to be keeping lots of expensive toys and letting your child play freely in your playroom, you need to make sure that everything is safe and secure. Spend time making sure that any sharp edges or dangerous objects are removed or secured. Additionally, it can also be worth investing in some extra security just to make sure everything is doubly protected. It may also be time to invest in a new garage door so that you can lock everything up at night.

Step 3- Personalise

Now it’s time for the fun bit! Add a personal touch to your room by adding items and decoration based on your child’s interests. With just a few choice objects and a lick of paint you can transform a drab garage into a magical castle, jungle or pirate cove. Hang some of your child’s pictures on the wall, add some colour wherever you can and you are guaranteed to have a place where your kids will constantly be desperate for “five more minutes”.

Here are some ideas of other things you might like to include:

  • Paint, pencils and pens so they can get creative.
  • Bean bags for a comfortable reading spot.
  • A toy box.
  • Plenty of storage, shelves and book space.
  • Table and chairs for tea parties.
  • Soft carpet or a colourful rug.

See here for more playroom inspiration.

Though it may take some time to turn your garage into a playroom, the results will look incredible, and both you and your children will love it.

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