Tidying and Organising Your Garage

Two robots with vacuums & mop cleaning a living areaWith spring comes the spring cleaning! One place traditionally reserved for junk is the garage. However, with so many people working from home, many people are repurposing their garages as temporary workspaces.

Through all the rubbish we throw in our garages, tidying can be as simple as throwing away what you don’t need, and putting things away in places that make sense. But a coherent organisation of space is a much more worthwhile use of time.

We recently wrote about ways to convert garages into perfect work from home spaces – but for those looking to simply spruce up their garages, we’ve put together some great organisational ideas.

Still using your garage for a car?

If you’re still using your garage to store a car, you clearly can’t use it as a permanent “extra room.”

Variety of tools hanging on a wallIn this case, a great thing to do is to buy or build lots of shallow cabinets in order to utilise the vertical space on your walls. Be sure to leave enough upper room for your garage door to open, but making the most of your walls allows you to have enough space to organise what needs to be in the garage.

If you’re handy, this may be a tool wall or space for other items such as paint brushes, screws, and other odds and ends. So long as you put them in places where you will find them, it sometimes pays to keep odd screws and nails.

Establish what you want to use your garage for

Sometimes it can be lovely to give a space a lick of paint. But if you anticipate using your garage for messy, DIY tasks, it may be worth leaving it unpainted or choosing a darker colour that won’t show marks as easily.

If you’re going to use the garage primarily as a storage space for things other than vehicles, then plan how you can most effectively utilise the space. For example, internal mezzanine splitting helps to create more room – making a higher platform for items enables you to store things in a more cohesive order.

Use basic design and organisation principles

Hand pulling out a red folder from a row of blue onesRather than filling the walls to the brim with shelving, consider closed cabinets that you can then decorate to give the impression of more space. If you can create focal points around certain cabinet clusters that contain certain types of things, it will mean that the space will feel more unified but also help you find what you’re looking for faster.

Balance and symmetry aren’t always easy to achieve in a space, but try to create a sense of balance with the function and contents of the storage cabinets. At least then there’s a logical way to find things even if you’re not too worried about the aesthetics.

One great way to organise your wall space is to split the storage on vertical spaces into high, middle, and low. Store your heavy items in boxes lower down, and other rarely-used things higher up, while leaving the middle areas for commonly-used items.

There are so many things that can be done, take this as a starting point and see how you can convert your garage into a perfect extra space for your home.

If you need to update your garage’s door for more security, or even just for aesthetics, we can help with that. Get in touch to talk about what we can offer.

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