Attached Vs. Detached Garages, What’s Right For You?

The garage has always been a vital component in many houses. The perfect garage may be a crucial component of a house, offering space for vehicles, gardening materials, tools, sporting goods, motorcycles, and much more. 

However, garages aren’t a universally effective solution. Whatever works with one person or home might not be suitable for another. When purchasing or building a home with a garage, one can take into consideration whether they in fact want a garage or maintain some control over whether the garage is attached or detached

There are many benefits to having a garage that is detached as well as a garage that is attached. Garage Doors 4 You are garage door specialists, here is what we have to say about attached garages and detached garages and which one might be right for you. 


Detached Garages

A detached garage is a garage that is not joined to a house and sits as a separate building on the property. Usually, a detached garage will be nearby or will sit opposite to the property’s rear or front. Due to the fact that detached garages are a standalone structure, they often tend to be frequently bigger structures and are more inventively constructed. 

The Benefits:

  • Can increase curb appeal
  • Very secure
  • Much more room for vehicles, workspace or storage
  • Easier to maximize space
  • Can add more value to a house

A detached garage can be an ideal choice if you work from home or run a home business and require lots of workspace, specifically if you have lots of tools or machinery, such as construction, welding or even a mechanic.

However, detached garages can be less convenient in the sense that you are required to leave the house to enter them, they also may require different sources of electricity and plumbing if you decide to place a bathroom in them. There is also the potential that they are an eyesore if they are too big. 


 Attached Garages

Attached garages as the name may suggest, are garages that sit attached to a house. There will usually be a door within the house that you can access the garage from, making it incredibly convenient. The garage almost acts as an extension to the home and can be great for storage

The Benefits:

  • Incredibly convenient 
  • Can make use of existing plumbing and electricity
  • Increase property value
  • Less expensive to construct

An attached garage greatly improves the accessibility of a home, especially for disabled homeowners or people with young children or pets, who can park their car in a dry space and easily access their home. 

However, an attached garage can be a potential home safety hazard as well as a home security issue. They can also make the main body of the home look displeasing. They can often be narrow, making it hard to squeeze your vehicle in. 


Which Is Best For Me?

Ultimately, you may not have much choice if you are buying a property that has already been built, however if you are building your own property then you may want to take the above information into consideration. Choose a garage that best suits your needs and requirements, if you want convenience then an attached garage is perfect, if you would like more space then a detached garage would be ideal. 


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