7 Common Causes Of Garage Door Damage

Lets face it, nobody likes to have their property damaged, least of all their garage door. Your garage door is a line of protection for your belongings stored inside, so any damage could be crucial to the safety and protection of your belongings. Any damage to your garage door could also lead to the inside of your garage being exposed to outside elements. 


1 – Electrical Issues

Electrical problems are frequently encountered with electric garage doors. A dead battery in your controller is frequently to blame for a garage door that won’t open or close. To make sure everything is operating as it should, test the batteries within the transmitter as well as the devices attached to the garage. 


Additionally, the photo eye sensors may get misaligned or covered by obstructions, preventing the garage door from closing. Make sure it is corrected right away because this could be very hazardous. The auto latching mechanism could malfunction due to other electrical problems including a blown fuse, damaged or broken cables, and water damage.


2 – Worn Out Rollers

A garage door’s ability to travel properly both up and down the track is due to its rollers. When rollers are worn out over the years, your garage door may move in a jerky, uneven manner. Examine the condition of the rollers should you discover that the garage door has not been operating properly.


3 – The Springs Are Broken

The springs might become damaged whenever garage doors are opened and closed often. Since garage door springs are responsible for making the door lightweight enough to travel upward and downward they keep a lot of strain on them. Older springs are more prone to breaking.


4 – Damaged Hardware

Over time, certain parts of your garage door’s hardware such as bolts and hinges may become corroded and wear down, they will need replaced. 


5 – Damaged Tracks

Whenever garage doors raise and lower, they move along metal rails. The garage door may shift due to repeated use such as it is not always in line with the rails. If the issue is not fixed, it may cause the door to malfunction or potentially distort the tracks.


6 – Wire Or Cable Damage

Over time, the cables or wires used to operate your garage door may become damaged, brittle or broken, which can result in cables snapping and your garage door breaking down. 


7 – The Weather 

If you have had extreme weather conditions, your garage door could break due to high winds which throws debris at it, causing structural damage to your garage door.


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