When is it Time to Replace My Garage Door?

Are you looking for new ways to update your home or add value to your property? Your garage door could be the answer! Many of us focus our efforts on the interior and exterior of the main house but often forget that the garage needs to be updated too. Not sure if you need a garage door replacement just yet? Let Garage Doors 4 You help answer the question ‘when is it time to replace my garage door?’.


Typical Lifespan of Medway Garage Doors

As a leading garage door installer in Kent, Garage Doors 4 You are able to provide you with accurate advice and support for your garage door needs. For instance, your garage door will need to be replaced at least every fifteen years and sooner if it is damaged or failing to open or close safely.

If your garage door has been appropriately maintained and well cared for over the years then you can look forward to getting the full fifteen years from it and maybe even a bit more! However, if you have neglected it as time has passed or there are specific components that have worn, choosing a replacement over a repair could be the most economical choice.


Signs That Tell You to Replace Your Garage Door

Not sure if the issues you are having mean that you should repair or replace my garage door? Take a look at the most common signs that a replacement is on the cards:

  •       Grinding and Scraping Noises – every garage door will make noise at one time or another, but if yours is persistently making worrying grinding or scraping sounds even after oiling, then it could be time to do away with the old and buy garage doors in Kent.
  •       Irreparable Damage – if you have a few minor dents and scratches in your garage door then you should be able to remedy this with some simple repairs. However, if the door has buckled or has significant dents then choosing a new garage door installer in Kent is better than hoping for a cheap repair.
  •       Outdated Doors – your garage door may be working perfectly but if the design is outdated and no longer matches your home then choosing a new door is the best way forward. There are so many different types of garage doors to choose from, so you can be sure that there is a solution for your needs.


How Can I Replace My Garage Door?

If you are ready to have a new garage door installed, then it is important to speak to the best garage door specialists UK; Garage Doors 4 You! We will work to find the best solution for your needs and your finances so that your garage can be a source of pride rather than embarrassment. Call us today to get started!

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