6 Great Ways to Make Use of your Garage Space

Over half of the houses in the UK have garages, but very few of them are reported to be used for storing cars. This begs the question of just what people are doing with their extra space? Often garages become a treasure trove of old, and often unused, bits and bobs. However, used wisely, a
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Is it safe to keep my possessions in a garage?

Having a garage is a great luxury that can make your life a lot easier. Having more space to store things or keep your car off the road at night can be invaluable, and sometimes it can even be the deciding factor in whether someone buys a house or not. Once you have a garage
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Garage Maintenance in Winter

Spring may be around the corner, but with the temperature continuing to drop and homeowners making preparations for dealing with snow, it is clear we are still very much in the throes of winter. Correct maintenance is very important to making sure that homes are properly outfitted for the winter months. Garages can be particularly
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