Tips And Tricks When Buying A New Garage Door

There are many reasons as to why you might want to upgrade your garage door and purchase a brand new garage door. A new garage door can offer many benefits to not only your home, but to your personal safety as well.

If you’re planning to buy a new garage door, you might have a lot to take into consideration when it comes to which type of garage door will be best suited to your needs and your home. You might also be unsure of some of the more basic considerations, like what materials will be best, how long they last and which type of garage door will add to the value of your home. 

Here are some of our top tips and tricks on how to buy a new garage door.

Choose A Garage Door That Suits Your Budget

One of the first tips to keep in mind when choosing a new garage door, before you take into consideration the colour, style and material is your budget. Having a set budget will help make choosing a garage door much easier, as you can easily narrow down which garage doors will fall inside your budget. This is also a great way to stop yourself from overspending.

Set aside a sum of money before you start looking for a new garage door. This should be enough to cover the cost of the door as well as any installation costs.

Choosing The Right Garage Door

The first step in how to buy a new garage door will be ensuring that you are choosing the correct garage door that suits the design of your garage. It is best to have some exact measurements with you so you know which doors will fit your garage. 

There are a range of garage doors to choose from at Garage Doors 4 You, which one you decide to go for will depend on your needs and requirements. Here are some of the garage doors we have on offer.

Roller Garage Doors – This type of garage door is made of panels and rolls up into the ceiling when opened. It is ideal if you want to save space in your garage by tucking the door up into the ceiling.

Roller Shutter Garage Door - Garage Doors 4 You

Up and Over Garage Doors – This is one of the easiest garage doors to install, and one of the most popular. The door opens and lifts above your head and slides into the ceiling of the garage. It is also great for optimising space in your garage. 

Side Hinged Garage Doors – These doors open like regular doors and are ideal for garages that aren’t used as often. They are easily opened to move cars into the garage.

Side hung garage doors

Sectional Garage Doors – Ideal for securing your garage and saving space, this type of garage door folds into itself compactly, without the need to come off the door frame. 

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